New Site for Kadmon Academy Now Online

I have thrown up a very basic website for Kadmon Academy at, and I will be developing it more in the following days. If you’re interested in the project, please feel free to contact me, and we can talk about it more in-depth.

Obviously, this is still in the very beginning stages of development, but I am starting to work on it now, and I have a feeling it’s going to take off very quickly. I already have a possible lead for a location in Staten Island, New York that I’m going to investigate, and I will be working on the philosophy, curriculum, and other structural works of literature to start shaping this idea together into a more formal plan.

I’m completely open to hearing your ideas, and I would love for this to be a collaborative effort. I have set up a subscribe form in the sidebar, so you can get the latest news updates right away, as well as a donate page if you want to contribute some working capital to the project.

Every inspiring comment and conversation helps keep me going, so please feel free to speak up if you want to get involved. More news on the way soon!

5 thoughts on “New Site for Kadmon Academy Now Online

  1. I am very interested in your idea, so if you need some kind of help, can talk to me, as you see, i am not good writing in english, but i can traslate to spanish very easy.
    I want to write a short course in telepathy and posible telekinesis, very basic. Something that the people think that is crazy, and not posible, something like weather control, in shamanic style.
    I have reading your blog from 2011, and i am a follower of the Stankov Law site, maybe I am not the most highlight character, but i have been involved in many crucial moments in this brainwashing process, like the construction of the rainbow bridge, and the coming of the golden flame.
    As yourself I have been very interested in RPG games like the witcher or oblivion, i have never played like a full warrior, always my characters choosed have been magical, and healers.

    • Indeed, Jose! Thanks for getting in touch. Your course ideas sound great, and we can talk further about what you’re interesting in doing. Soon I’m going to start a contact list and get people together on Google Docs so that we can start collaborating.


  2. Feel free to count on me as well, should you have any actual question to be formulated, which could be instantly channeled (on g-chat live or whatever) /creative realization request/assistance. According to my estimation and hopes, I can finally stitch together my philosophical-tr-ascend-ental poetry some time soon from which you can deduce gigantic amounts of basic philosophical-spirit-martial-mystical (as you called:jedi) basics and concepts whose content and mystery I have not yet entirely managed to grasp, unveil, decipher, interpret myself, a fun activity nevertheless, were we not attaining our Absolute creative freedom by then.

    • Elohim X,

      Once again your eloquence and understanding of my (our) vision is spot on. You describe what I’m thinking and trying to communicate with such grace and clarity. I look forward to receiving your poetry, and I plan on starting group discussions soon. I will keep you posted.


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