Obama’s State of the Union Address

I do not support politics or have any care for what the people in D.C. are up to these days, but I was curious to see what Obama would talk about in his State of the Union address this evening. Not surprisingly, the entire speech comprised of Obama talking about how we need to continue supporting the same old fear-based power structure of the Old World Order, followed by phony patriotism, and all of the political jackals nodding their heads and clapping their hands after every contributing statement that he made.

It has become so blatant now that the political system is completely broken, and I was left wondering the whole time, does anyone really care about what any politician in Washington has to say? Are there really people out there who listen to these snakes, and truly believe that they’re on our side? And I’m not even taking a stab at Obama, because it doesn’t matter who delivers the speeches and acts as the figurehead. It’s all controlled behind the scenes anyway, and both parties are the same entity just painted different colors.

The fact of the matter is, the masses have become aware of the corruption that controls this country, and it’s obvious that the government can no longer be depended upon to deliver any real solutions, considering they are the ones creating all of the major problems in the first place. The people are no longer giving their energy away to this system, and they are looking within themselves to build the nation that they want to see. Obama’s speech was an obvious sign that the cabal is very weak and nearing their demise.

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