Thoughts on the U.S. Election and the Days Ahead


Hey everyone,

I just wanted to share my thoughts on the election that I posted in response to Angela’s dream here:

Of course, everyone in this group has been sufficiently prepared for this type of event since the inception of the PAT for years now, but the slumbering masses are shell-shocked right now, as if the next 9/11 just occurred.

People are genuinely frightened about what will come in the days ahead, so it’s important that we remain steadfast in our roles as wayshowers, and do not succumb to the hysteria of the masses.

I’ve been waiting for a call to action like this since 2012. We’ve been in a stasis period since then as things have been gradually building up, but it seems the new updates are starting to roll out now.

Anyway, below are my thoughts about the election from reddit:

I intuitively predicted that Hillary would be the next president (back before the Presidential election) and was very surprised last night. I have no attachment to it, but my predictions are rarely wrong, and I immediately sensed that a miracle had occurred (in that something impossible happened).

It was indeed an apocalyptic event (by the true meaning of the word, a great change or paradigm shift), and we entered an alternate timeline. This was not supposed to happen, but clearly it was necessary for humanity to have this experience for the sake of their development.

It’s not really about Trump, just what he represents, and those who were still attached to the Matrix have been severely shocked out of their collective coma, and are now grieving in a way similar to 9/11.

As weird as it sounds, this abrupt change is a good thing for humanity, you just have to look past Trump and see that this change is exactly what humanity needed to be woken up and made conscious to the reality of the situation on Earth.


Yes indeed, as Wanderers this is part of the great shift that we came here to observe.

And just to explain further for others who may be confused about why this event was necessary, I just want to reiterate that this is not about Trump, it’s about humanity waking up and realizing that giving your power away to false idols and establishments, such as politicians or governments, is futile, and it’s time to grow up and start living as your own sovereign master outside of the Matrix.

Lastly, you need to leave the old fear-based paradigm behind and accept that change is inevitable and necessary. It’s not important whether you perceive the change as positive or negative, only that it must occur in order for the next stage of events to transpire. You have to see the bigger picture, and even if that means going through some trials and tribulations in the process, ultimately it will lead to a new system, which is necessary in order to advance to the next stage of peace and prosperity for everyone.

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