Winter Solstice 2013 Message

Wholesness, balance, and good vibrations to everyone! Let this be a day that we all remember why we are here at this time, as we work in harmony to rebalance the energies of planet Earth. The human race has spent centuries in bondage, incurring much trauma and suffering throughout the globe as we endure the many problems brought on by the forces of darkness that lurk behind the veil.

But as we continue on our path toward righting the many wrongs that have occurred throughout history, we must remember that it is only through working on ourselves that we can change the world.

While there is of course a global mission to create world peace and restore health and prosperity to all people, it is in the microcosmic mission of self-realization that each one of us has agreed to accomplish that real progress is made.

It is in this perspective that we can gradually chip away at the big problems that seem so insurmountable to us. Because let’s face it: Is it Gaia herself who is incurring the manmade pollution? Is it Gaia who is killing her own children with drone strikes and other such atrocities?

It is within each one of us as a collective that disconnection occurs, and with that disconnection comes the actions of negativity that compensate for the lack of love that is being received.

For example, why does a kid in grade school bully other kids? Is it just his “natural behavior” or is it a method of compensation for a lack of love that he receives at home, a way to get attention and feel good about himself by dominating others?

It’s no different than what’s going on in the White House or the military. These individuals who feel the need to harm others only do so out of disconnection and insecurity about their own existence as seemingly mortal creatures.

But would they act the same way if they were loved and fully connected with divine consciousness? These people are the living embodiment of the negative thoughts we all endure.

So if we can learn to accept the negative thoughts we all have and deal with them in a mature and responsible manner, then they no longer have power over us, and then cease to exist entirely.

The best gift you can give to yourself and to others is your acceptance and gratitude. Focus on these acts alone and you will help to make great strides of progress toward freedom and prosperity.

Be well!


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