Winter Storm "Saturn" Deemed an "East Coast Beast" by the Cabal

My god, does the Satanic influence get anymore obvious? This is just ridiculous, and of course people eat it up not even realizing that it is through the collective’s co-creative ability that the weather is determined in the first place.

This is metaphysics 101, the basic application of Universal Law which states Energy = All-That-Is. The weathermen are not oracles, they simply broadcast the idea of a particular event to the masses who go on to energize its creation.

And even more so, they present it in a fear-based manner which influences people to give their power away to the imposed authorities like some demonic rain chant, creating memes like, “Get ready for Saturn’s wrath.”

It’s just flat out insidious yet darkly brilliant at the same time. I’m not telling people to start fighting the weather, I’m just saying you always have the free will choice not to buy in to the fear-mongering and think for yourself.

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