Ascension Presentation 1, Part 1

This is Part 1 of 2 of an informational presentation that I transmitted through oral channeling earlier this year. The second part can be viewed online here.

1. The purpose of this presentation is to transmit information about the End Times and other related topics concerning the nature of reality on planet Earth to as many people as possible in the most accessible manner, and to help people wake up and understand that there is much more going on in this world than most realize.

2. For centuries of time, there has been a massive agenda by negative forces, commonly known as the Illuminati, Cabal, or the Powers-That-Be, to control humanity. They use tactics such as propaganda, manipulation, and brainwashing through the education system, mainstream media, entertainment industry, financial sector, and military to keep people disempowered and scared. They do it to maintain control over society, and it is vital that this information is exposed and made public knowledge in order to stop allowing this to occur.

3. Throughout my entire life, I’ve been subjected to these same mind control tactics. If you just look at the educational institutions, you can see how they’re designed to indoctrinate people. The way in which these institutions educate children is completely antiquated, and completely engineered to destroy their creativity and free-thinking capabilities, the abstract parts of human beings in order to box them in, keep them small, and turn them into slaves. It’s to keep people completely distracted and unaware of their true spiritual nature.

4. The purpose of this presentation is also to reinvigorate the human spirit. It is to unite the people of planet Earth, and inspire them to take back their planet. There have been many different ways that the Illuminati has manipulated society, using chemtrails, extraterrestrial cover-ups, conspiracies, wars, and much more.

5. Everyone really knows that all of this manipulation is going on, but they just don’t want to admit it. Most people want to stay oblivious and put their head down, go back to work, and be comfortable. They don’t want to think outside of the box, go outside of the ordinary perspective, and truly live freely as a human being.

6. Obviously all human beings’ primary desire is freedom, independence from external control. That is what we all want. We are all on the same team here. It doesn’t matter what your skin color is, religion, age, appearance, or occupation. None of these superficial things matter. They are all labels that we attribute to ourselves in order to define our realities, provide ourselves some type of comfort in knowing that we have a purpose, and give us some type of way to feel good about ourselves, feel special, and know that we are not worthless and insignificant.

7. The fact of the matter is, this information couldn’t be further from the truth. We are not unimportant, stupid, small, and worthless. We are not any of these things, we are exactly the opposite. We are infinite sovereign creator beings.

8. Humans are beautiful, magnificent creatures. We are divine creatures. We are higher dimensional beings. We are Gods. We are not just humans, but also other races of advanced sentient lifeforms from other planetary bodies residing in human vessels, such as Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda, Arcturus, and many others. We are all intelligent beings working together as a family to bring peace and harmony to not only planet Earth but the entire galaxy.

9. Planet Earth is a very special planet, and right now, it is in a period known as the End Times. Just like other major civilizations before this time, eras such as Ancient Rome, Atlantis, the USSR, and Nazi Germany, all of these different civilizations had their reign of power, and they also had their completion, their downfall, their End Times. This is what is happening now. The current civilization upon planet Earth, the current controlling bodies, the Illuminati, their power is coming to an end, and it is happening this year. This is what 2012 is about.

10. The grip that the Illuminati has had over humanity is diminishing. Their control over every aspect of society, the financial sector, the government, the education system, medical system, pharmaceutical industry, it’s all coming to an end, and their agenda to enslave humanity, to depopulate the human race to a much smaller population than what currently exists on the planet, will fail, their New World Order will not occur, and massive changes are coming to the planet.

11. What we are entering into is the transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. If you have any knowledge of astrology, you will understand that this is not a pseudo-science. It is a real phenomenon, because the alignment of the planets affects human behavior.

12. Humans are part of the universe, just as planets are. Everything is connected, everything affects each other, and when we pollute our planet, it affects the rest of the universe. The negativity is transmitted, and it branches out, it goes deep, and every other single planet knows about planet Earth, and every civilization knows about the game of duality that has been going on here for centuries.

13. Everyone knows about this war, and we are not alone. We have many allies that want us to succeed and take back our planet, and restore it back to its pristine nature that it was during Atlantis. Atlantis was the last Golden Age on Earth, and planet Earth is going through this cycle because of the shifting of the planetary bodies.

14. We have these different ages in history due to the shifting of the solar system affecting human consciousness from civilization to civilization, to Atlantis to Rome to present Earth. It is a transition, a perennial shift in consciousness that occurs within the inhabitants of the planets, and every single time a new age comes into fruition, the current power structure falls, because it becomes obsolete. It is inevitable because the inhabitants wake up, they realize that the current structure of society no longer fits their ideals, so they co-create a new reality through their collective agreements.

15. We are the ones who co-create the current civilization on Earth. We decide how the game is played, and every time we make this shift to the Age of Aquarius, we enter into a new Golden Age, and this is because the inhabitants, due to the alignment of the planets, raise their consciousness, and shift from being controlled by Piscean ideals to Aquarian ideals.

16. This is what happens to humans, and the reason we’ve had this uproar of protests with the Occupy movement and many other similar movements is because we have entered into the Age of Aquarius, and we are experiencing the lag time between the transition from the previous period to the new one.

17. We have entered the Age of Aquarius, but our society is still structured in Pisces. We still have the same controllers, the same people in charge with antiquated ideals that no longer fit our Aquarian perspective running the show, and this causes a lot of friction.

18. When you are living in a certain perspective, and you are forced to live in one that doesn’t fit you, you’re going to be very unhappy, very uncomfortable, and this what is occurring on a massive scale now. All of the people are waking up, adopting the new Aquarian perspective, and experiencing the friction of being stuck in the old paradigm.

19. They are manifesting their new ideals into third dimensional reality, and the old ideals are being thrown out. That is what is happening on a massive scale, and the reason December 21, 2012 is so important is because it represents the closure of a 26,000 year precessional cycle, the official commencement of the Age of Aquarius. It’s the cut-off date, it’s when the cycle completes.

20. It’s not like on December 21st someone is going to flip a switch and everything is going to be different in the 3D world. No, that is not what is going to happen. Obviously in the time up to the 21st, a lot is going to happen. The point is to understand that this is going on, and that this shift into the new paradigm is inevitable, it cannot be stopped, and it is happening whether the Powers-That-Be like it or not.

21. How long will it take for all of the new stuff to manifest into reality? We’re not sure. It could happen over five years. It could be twenty. It could be even faster, and occur very swiftly once the old guys are out of the game. It’s not really important. The point is to be aware and to prepare yourself.

2 thoughts on “Ascension Presentation 1, Part 1

  1. I agree. The Greeks had a word for it: Ouranos, ‘Heaven’. The return of the water-man to earth [Uranus, Aquarius] means ‘the return of the spiritual world to earth.’
    From what I’ve seen, there really IS a kind of switch flipped on December 21st, and after the following 3 and a half days, nothing will be the same again for the people on earth ……. everything will be different, as they’ll be (most of them) living on an astral-permeated earth, a very different state from our present circling-the-drain 3D ‘reality.’
    I’m counting the days now – literally! 🙂


    • Barbara,

      Indeed, there will be a type of switch going off on December 21st similar to 11-11-11, my point was simply to say that the physical plane will not become Atlantis again overnight. The collective perception will change, and through the natural course of events, we will manifest the New Earth.

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