Ascension Presentation 1, Part 2

This is Part 2 of 2 of an informational presentation that I transmitted through oral channeling earlier this year. The first part can be viewed online here.

1. Now that you are aware of what’s going on, you can start thinking about how to prepare yourself. Well, what should you be prepared for? You should be prepared for massive upheaval, and not only inside of yourself, but within others. You’re going to see people go through periods of internal transition, because what they’re experiencing is an upgrade, a replacement of their old perspective of reality with a new one. And this is not something that is going to be easy and comfortable, especially for those who are deeply entrenched in the old Piscean way of thinking.

2. The people who are still used to the old belief system of go to school, get good grades, go to college, get a job, get married are going to have the hardest time making this transition because that system is ending. It’s going away, and the new generations are not like that. They do not follow that formula, they do not have that same perspective about life as their predecessors.

3. The Millennials are completely different in their DNA. Their function is completely different, their programming is different from their parents and grandparents, and it is just inherent. There’s nothing that they can do about it. They have different ideals, different values, and it is inevitable that once they come of age, which they are now, they are going to change everything. They are going to change business, they are going to change healthcare, relationships, education, moral values, everything.

4. The Millennials may as well be a completely new race compared to the previous generations on Earth. They incarnate with a higher level of awareness of their divine nature. Most of them are more in touch with their extra-sensory abilities, such as telepathy. They are basically extraterrestrials. Yes, they have the same physical homo sapien characteristics as past generations, but they have a completely different mentality, and greater access to their divinity and higher consciousness abilities.

5. Telepathy is real. It is the primary form of communication among sentient beings. It is how humans communicate with nature. Society calls it body language. It’s how humans communicate with animals, it is not through our spoken words. Our spoken words are no longer going to be able to communicate the deeper, complex emotions that telepathy is capable of expressing.

6. For example, say a heterosexual male walks into a room, and sees an attractive female. In the instant that the male and female make eye contact, they know that they are attracted to each other, and they don’t even need to say a word to express that feeling. They don’t need to do anything. Just from looking at each other, they know that the attraction is there, because it is energetic. It is natural, intuitive, spiritual, and that is the real communication that human beings use.

7. In that one look, both people say everything that needs to be said, but unfortunately, people are still programmed to think that they need to play a game with each other in order to have a relationship, and it’s false. Superficial characteristics make no difference in the natural establishment of attraction, and that proves the reality of telepathy, because it is completely an energetic phenomenon.

8. Obviously, animals don’t use spoken words, but do you need your dog to say the words “I love you” in order to know that your dog loves you? When your dog hops up on the couch next to you, lies its head in your lap, and just radiates that love to you, you don’t need it to say any words for you to know that a bond exists between you, that you have a relationship. That is telepathy, body language, divine communication, light language, true spirituality.

9. Spirituality comes without words. It is understanding that all you are is a spiritual being having a physical experience. That is what it’s all about. Spirituality is about being one with that understanding, and being able to share that experience with others without judgment.

10. The Millennials naturally transcend physical separation. They are a more global, unified generation. They do not care about superficial traits like the color of one’s skin or physical age. They have surpassed that hurdle, transcended it. They are all about the content of one’s character, spirit, and they are more in tune with their spiritual nature innately, and that is what makes all the difference. That is why they are going to change everything. It is because they are in line with spirit.

12. There are many of them here who would be considered old souls, and they have had numerous lives, and many originate from other star systems. Not all of them are from Earth. Many are Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian, Andromedan, etc., and in fact, most of the artists on the planet originate from other star systems.

13. Do you see that there is a correlation between spirituality and artistic people? These people are able to express their creative spirit more freely. There is a correlation between being a wanderer and being artistic, and that is due to the higher knowing and less attachment to the physical realm that these beings commonly possess. They come with past life experience of other civilizations that are purely spiritual, and do not possess the avaricious qualities that are extremely prevalent on Earth at this time.

15. So we are literally having more benevolent, service-to-others beings incarnating on this planet at this time as volunteers to assist in this transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. There are many volunteers here in the Millennial generation who have come specifically to raise the vibration of the planet, and bring this new era into fruition, the new Golden Age.

16. This is why they are here. They are not here to work out karma in the same way as others. Of course, they are still here to have a physical experience, but they are primarily here to perform a duty and complete a mission to break down barriers, eliminate the old paradigm, and bring in the new one. It is to expose the antiquated ideals that are still lingering within our society, root them out, and replace them with new progressive ideals. That is their purpose.

17. They are also here to restore planet Earth to its pristine nature. They are here to eliminate pollution, as well as old technologies that power society. They are here to introduce new technologies that consist of free energy capabilities to bring about a new era of peace and harmony on Earth that is not based on slavery.

18. It will be based upon living freely, and the goal will be to simply have an enjoyable physical experience, a life experience that is as joyful, exciting, inspiring, and valuable as possible, and no longer will humans be bound to having to do mundane activities in order to provide the basic foundation for their lives that has been imposed upon them by the old system. They are here to be a tidal wave of change, completely revamp society, and reboot the Matrix to its next incarnation, wiping out everything old.

19. The best way to perceive this reality is like a virtual reality game. The current version of the game that exists now is what we’re experiencing, say Matrix 5.0, and what we’re doing now is installing the upgrade from version 5.0 to 6.0. We are taking all of the work, all of the code from Matrix 5.0, and we are upgrading this software program, this virtual reality game, to its next level. And in this next level, we will have new advanced rendering tech, physics, AI, graphics, functions, etc. Everything that you would expect in the next version of a video game series.

20. So the old world is ending, the new way is transitioning, and it’s happening now. This has been going on gradually for years now, and December 21st is simply the official release date of the beta. Right now we’re still in alpha, and on the 21st we’ll reach beta, and then depending on how long it takes, we will officially reach New Earth, version 6.0, and we’ll be in our new paradigm.

21. So yes, internal change will occur in the blink of an eye, like a flip being switched, and this will happen for each individual when they are ready, but the physical world will still appear the same. And once we reach the stage of restructuring, and the foundation is built, the changes will be sweeping, and there will be very much to look forward to.

22. When I talk about free energy, I’m talking about hover cars. Cars that run on solar power, or even like an extraterrestrial craft that runs on universal energy. Water-fueled cars are already out there, these types of technologies just haven’t been implemented yet. All of this stuff will happen, it will just take some time.

23. So what happens when the old has been dissolved, the new takes charge, and we achieve freedom on Earth? Well, the human race, Earth, will become a galactic civilization. As I have mentioned already, there are other star systems out there with intelligent life. There are higher frequency beings, meaning they are less physical and more aligned with spirit.

24. A good way to picture them is like this: Even in 3D reality, we have the forms of solid, liquid, and gas. Solid is the lowest frequency. The molecules within a solid object move the slowest, which is why it’s so dense. Liquid moves even faster, which is why it’s more malleable. Finally, gas moves even faster than liquid, which is why it is even transparent, and evaporates. Think of it like that. Think of humanity in their current state as solid beings, even though we’re primarily water-based, but for the sake of keeping things simple, say we’re solid.

25. Think of a higher frequency being, one who has reached a higher level of spiritual awareness and development. It does not need to be solid, because it is more attuned with spirit, more energetic in nature, and closer to being in the form of gas. It could be physical if it wanted to, but it is not used to that lower frequency of consciousness, and it is more natural for it to remain less physical.

26. And the more in line with spirit a being is, the closer it will be to that pure form, and it will be less dense. But of course, if it chooses to, by the power of its will, it can become as dense as it desires. The question comes down to the being’s level of consciousness development.

27. If a being is not conscious of being able to exist in that state, then it won’t be able to reach that level. But the truth is, humans are already capable of reaching that state. What do you think we do when we meditate? What about when we dream? Meditation and dreaming are practice for spiritual form. They are the arena in which we take our lessons for higher frequency existence.

28. In the dream state, we are in that higher frequency that we are eventually going to enter into once we become ascended beings. We are going to be able to learn how to achieve that higher state of consciousness without hindrance from the dark forces, and due to the cosmic forces, the shifting of the planetary bodies, all of Earth is going through this same energetic change. It is becoming higher frequency and less dense. It is inevitable, it a natural evolution.

29. The truth is, we’re already there, we have just been manipulated to believe that we’re not, which is why we’re not able to reach that ascended state of consciousness. We still think it’s a fantasy, and it will remain that way until we shift our thinking, because our minds control the experience.

30. Our minds are what choose to be physical. If you don’t believe that you can walk, then you will not be able to walk. It works the same way with everything else. If you don’t believe that you are an infinite spiritual being, and that you can fly out of your body and experience the entire universe, then you won’t have that experience. Your mind won’t let you.

31. So planet Earth is going to become a galactic civilization once again, and keep in mind I said once again. We have forgotten this state of being due to the brainwashing that has occurred. Our history has been altered. We have not been given the true history of our planet and our race. We have been told that when we die, we simply go into the ground, and that’s it, and it’s just not true. There is much more to the ascension experience than that.

32. We have been told the same lies about death in the same way that we have been told that we are here just to make money, to try to survive, and focus our energy on other mundane things that keep us grounded in physicality. It’s all manipulation designed to keep us disempowered so that we do not realize the truth. The Powers-That-Be do not want to lose their control over the population, and they do not want the people to take their power back and restore the planet to its pristine nature.

33. And this is another important point that I want to bring up: Do not blame the service-to-self beings, the Powers-That-Be. Do not hate them. They are here in this game just as much as we are to play a role. They are here to help us develop and grow. They are here to assist us in co-creating the ultimate virtual reality experience possible, and it wouldn’t be much of a challenge, it wouldn’t be that great of a learning experience, if there wasn’t a strong adversary.

34. This is what apocalypse is all about. This is what we’re going through. It’s a paradigm shift, it’s about light overcoming dark. It is not going to be doom and gloom. That is not our fate.

35. There are going to be major changes, and this will include earth changes, but it will not be destructive to the point of total annihilation. Nature will have to shed itself, and go through its own shifting and changing in the same way that we are. We have already experienced many natural catastrophes, and we are still here, and we can expect more of the same along the way. The point is not to see these cataclysms as natural disasters, but merely natural occurrences. The planet is just evolving in the same natural way that we are.

36. As I said before, humanity is a galactic race, we have just forgotten our true nature. We’ve been disconnected, and actually quarantined from the rest of the galaxy due to how off-track we’ve become. We’ve forgotten who we are, our true history, our abilities, and the point of this cycle was to give us a chance to overcome adversity and remember our true nature.

37. Remembering is the point of this experience, and for those who are aware of their spiritual nature, it is your job to assist others in remembering their true nature. It is not your job to do it for them, it is simply to act as a wayshower, to open the door for others, and tell them the truth. Let them know that there is much more to this reality than what has been told to them. They simply need to open their eyes, and explore it for themselves.

38. So once we are a galactic race, what will happen? Our brothers and sisters from the stars, other planetary races, are going to reunite with us on Earth, and we are going to work together with them. They are going to introduce new technologies, and we are going to completely revamp this planet. And those of us who are representatives of these other civilizations will have the opportunity to go back home, if we choose to.

39. How have we gained the knowledge and experience to execute this type of transition, the ascension of an entire planet? Well, the third dimension is an illusion, a hologram. It is your essence, your spirit, that is really who you are, not your body. You have lived many lives, and your spirit has taken the form of many different physical vessels.

40. Most likely, you have experienced all different variations of earthly life: male and female, rich and poor, Eastern and Western, in order to gain the necessary experience for your spiritual development. All of this work has been done in order to raise your awareness so that you can take part in this movement that is occurring at this time, the ascension of Earth to a higher dimensional frequency.

2 thoughts on “Ascension Presentation 1, Part 2

  1. That’s very good, Skyler. When you said ‘We’re already there – we’ve just been manipulated to believe we’re not’ – that’s SO true. That is it. After 11:11, I saw this, in a way that’s hard to explain in words, but can be done with an analogy. (Though to be honest, the few aware people I described the analogy to, just looked at me blankly, and didn’t get it).
    Imagine you’re going to a good coffee shop for a coffee. Along your walk there are roadside stalls selling cheap, horrible coffee. They do *not* want you to reach the good cafe; they want your money! But you are walking along, and in a few minutes you will reach it, they cannot stop you.
    So what can they do? This is what they do: they create a false piece of stage scenery, that looks exactly like the cafe you’re heading for, and which has dust on it, and a sign saying, ‘CLOSED.’
    They wheel it hurriedly up, and slam it in front, and you go, ‘Oh, too bad. Oh well, I’ll have to buy one of the horrible coffees from these stalls then.’
    In reality, you are AT the good cafe; you’re standing right there! But so convincing is the fake hologram that you don’t see past it.
    It’s not a perfect analogy, because we don’t ‘go’ anywhere ….. but that is more or less what is going on.

    Your words about the ‘Millennials’ echo exactly what I heard now & then, in half-awake lesson/visions.
    In one, I knew that the people who were born from 1988 to 1990, are the ones who are going to change this planet. (I was so happy when I saw this! It was like having been surrounded by cowards for ages, and suddenly you see a whole team of warriors approaching. :D)
    They were born at the time of the revolutions in Eastern Europe and the fall of communism ……. their job is to take down, dismantle this so-called ‘civilisation’. They know what their function is, and that’s why they chose to be born during a time of revolution – it’s in their very DNA. They will NOT put up with the status quo that people have tolerated for so long. They’re just not going to accept it – they will take it down. Each generation is further advanced than the previous one.

    athough they also pave the way for the next. For instance, the indigos had to get enough light down here that the crystalline ones were able to incarnate.

    I also saw a new ‘batch’ of souls coming down after 2007, who will be your successors. Your job is to be here for the dismantling of the old; theirs is to be the ‘growers’ of the new. I saw a team of beings who looked like typical spiritual guides, but who were on a star ship. Maybe Arcturians. They told me that these kids – not all, but some – coming down after 2007 would not just be ‘different’, but a whole new species! These children have gold in their auras, something I had never seen before. The beings were very excited about them, and were watching them closely. What those humans who are older have to make efforts to acquire, they’ve already mastered. (Not that the other humans can’t catch up; it’s just that they’re having to move through the stages on earth, while the newer-incarnating souls arrive already with the program installed, so to speak).
    I’ve met two of these new children, who are still toddlers now, obviously, and they are remarkable …….. their energy-field seems to illuminate a whole room, if not a town.
    Everything’s happening at warp speed now, it’s great! I imagine everyone in the galaxy leaning forward with their popcorn right now. 😀


    • Barbara,

      I understand your analogy, and that is definitely accurate. It all comes down to conscious intent, and the frequency that you resonate at will always be equivalent to the state that you focus on.

      Also, I find it interesting that the two dates you mentioned, 1988-1990 and 2007, both correlate with significant events in my life. I was born in 1989, and I graduated high school in 2007. Coincidence? I think not! 😉

      And yes, the newest generation is even more in tune than mine. I just hope we can activate these great changes very soon so that they will endure the least amount of conditioning as possible.

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