Ascension Presentation 2, Part 1

This is Part 1 of 2 of a presentation that was transmitted via automatic writing earlier this year. Part 2 of the presentation can be viewed online here.

1. Freedom is the foundation for living. It is the most important aspect of our existence, having the ability to pursue whatever we desire without the intervention of another being.

2. I am here to remind you that you are free, were born free, and will always be free, no matter the circumstances. It is only the deception of fear that distracts us from this truth, and every single day, we are bombarded with lower frequency energies that attempt to override our base of control, and knock us out of our natural state of being.

3. Through the co-creation of our collective agreements, our thoughts, words, and actions, we manifest our entire reality, and assign rules and regulations to facilitate the operation of this world. I want to tell you that these rules, these boundaries that we have created, are merely fabrications of our minds, and do not truly exist.

4. There is no law besides Universal Law, and that simply involves doing no harm unto others or interfering with free will or karma. Everything else that is considered to be a law in society is merely a statute, and has no real power unless we as a collective say so.

5. It it this conscious agreement, this delusion of some type of physical, concrete structure, that energizes the matrix, and continues to debilitate the freedom of humanity.

6. Through our collective will, the unification of our true power, we can change the world, and co-create the reality that we desire. It is this vision of freedom, the desire for peace, harmony, and equal treatment for all human beings on Earth, that drives us all to perform our duties, no matter how painful or mundane, throughout our lives.

7. It is this drive for something greater that motivates us to go to work, take care of our families, deal with the stresses of money, a corrupt government system, and a world totally debased in the agents of fear.

8. We are much more than what we have known in the past. We are not simply mortal men and women who fight to survive, settle for less, or work until we die. We are infinite, powerful, sovereign creator beings, gods in physical vessels, and we will no longer allow negativity and fear to rule our land, and turn us into slaves. We are all unique, divine beings, and we deserve much better than the lives that we have endured in the past.

9. At this period in time, we are undergoing a major shift in consciousness. We are transcending the limitations of third dimensional reality, and creating a new world that is based on pure principles.

10. No longer shall children be subjected to an education system that was designed to crush the human spirit, and manipulate human beings into mindless soldiers. No longer shall humanity be slaves to money, and work tirelessly day by day just to barely scrape by. This is not the fate that is meant for us, it is merely the reflection of negativity that has arisen from within us, and we have the opportunity to say no more.

11. I will not allow my children to grow up in a world that is so blatantly corrupt, infiltrated from every angle, and designed to disconnect humanity from its divine nature. We are human beings, and we are not going to stand for this nonsense any longer. We know what is best for us, we know how to take care of ourselves, but we allow the negativity to blind us from the truth, and force us into a state of complacency that causes nothing but stagnation and suffering.

12. The problems that exist in our society, the wars, the discrimination, the hatred, it all needs to end, and everyone needs to do their part in taking responsibility. Simply being mindful of your environment, looking out for others, and doing the best you can to share yourself openly and honestly is all that individuals need to do in order to reconstruct this world.

13. It is our collective love for each other that will completely eliminate all fear, and transport our lives into a state a bliss, forever connected and aware of our spiritual nature.

14. It is this evolution in human consciousness that is occurring, this return to our natural state of being, that is inevitable, and will dawn the next Golden Age, a new renaissance on planet Earth.

15. For many years now, humanity has been shifting from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, and once this transmission is complete, we will find ourselves in a new world reminiscent of Atlantis. We will no longer be limited to our linear, logical, rational way of thinking. We will be more in tune with the universe and our extra-sensory perceptions.

16. Oral communication will cease to be the primary method of communication, and telepathy will take its place. Body language is already the prominent method between human beings, but this is still ignored by many people.

17. We will live in communities with individuals that share similar interests with us, and we will all work together to assure that all human beings are treated equally and taken care of.

18. This is the natural state of being that we should be living in, but personal greed tends to push that way of thinking aside. It is truly painful and terribly sad to see this kind of behavior among fellow humans, and I simply wish to see it end.

19. Every day I see violence and hatred and suffering, and it just hurts to see others in pain. I remember being in school as a child, and just wishing that the pain of mundanity would end, and that I’d finally be able to be free to pursue whatever I desired without judgment or fear.

20. I know that many others, if not all others, experienced the same dread for school that I did. It was a great tragedy to see myself and others be subjected to such an authoritative system, and every single teacher who is participating in this system needs to understand how much pain they are causing children.

21. I understand that the teachers are just doing their jobs to make a living, but if they continue to allow children to be programmed to fear failure, we will never make progress. It is the duty and responsibility of adults to provide a healthy environment for children to grow and learn under, not judge them and label them according to standardized tests and rigid curriculums that function as nothing more than programs of indoctrination into capitalism and the old ways of thinking.

22. The Millennials are here to break down barriers and replace the old system with the new. The traits of Aquarius, including humanitarianism, progressive thinking, communal living, and more extroverted, less emotional ways of being are going to override the old traits of negative Pisces: passivity, inward reflection, and introversion, and the old infrastructure will collapse.

23. Already we are seeing major friction in society between the people who are living with the new ideals and those who are living with the old, and very soon there will be a turning point, an interdimensional split that will cause a pole shift, and sweeping changes will occur throughout the planet.

24. We will see the financial system change as the manipulation evaporates, world leaders who are corrupt and dishonest will be replaced with trustworthy candidates, and all facets of media, culture, and day to day life will be purified of negativity, and restored to its pristine nature.

25. This is what the year 2012 is about: a return to balance and the natural state of being for all lifeforms. It is not about doom, gloom, and destruction; that will not occur, and anyone who tells you differently is simply trying to manipulate you. Do not buy into doomsday scenarios, that is not what this paradigm shift is about.

26. There are many hidden advanced technologies and secrets about humanity’s history that will be disclosed, including information about the existence of extraterrestrials, and once humanity has reached the required energetic quotient for ascension, all of this material will be revealed to the public. It will be as if a flip was switched in humanity’s consciousness, and the old world and our old selves that we once knew will be completely gone.

27. This is a positive thing, and there is nothing to be afraid of, in fact, this is very exciting. All of the dreams that we’ve all shared about seemingly impossible ideas will come true and manifest in reality, we simply need to set aside our filters, our stories, our past lives built upon the foundation of superficiality, and we will be successful.

28. We have many allies from other star systems who are supporting us, and greatly awaiting our return to our rightful place as a galactic civilization in the stars. They see us as relatives, family from another part of the universe, and they wish for us to succeed and unite with them once again.

29. They do all they can to provide as much assistance as is allowed without interfering with our karma and free will. Many ask why the extraterrestrial nations don’t simply come down to Earth and fix our world for us. The answer is that they are not here to do the work for us, and act as the saviors for humanity.

30. We are the only saviors for humanity, and it is our responsibility as the keepers of planet Earth to see to it that this transition to the Age of Aquarius is successful, that humanity is liberated from negativity, and that all pollution, corruption, and wrongdoing is eliminated.

31. Once this occurs, our allies will join with us once again, and together we will restore our world back to its pristine nature. They will provide advanced technologies, and advances such as time travel, material replicators, and free energy will become available for all of humanity.

32. This is the future that we are looking forward to, and it all starts with each and every one of us making a commitment to integrity and unconditional love for all of humanity. That is the purpose of this presentation, to provide a blueprint that others can build upon for the benefit of mankind.

33. It is crucial to look deep inside of ourselves, and try to understand how we’ve become so distracted from our divine nature. We must overcome the superficial identities that we have fabricated for ourselves as defense mechanisms over the years, and realize that we are pure beings of love and light.

34. There is no judgment or remorse for those who are able to leave the past in the past, and detach themselves from ego. It is this ability to comprehend the distinction between your true self, your spiritual self, and your superficial identity, that will set you free. All it takes is an honest look in the mirror, a moment of self-reflection to understand how you have been in the past, and fully grasp what it means to be a spiritual being having a physical experience.

35. When you have hit rock bottom, when you have successfully eliminated the necessity of your identity, your defense mechanism, you will find the true power within yourself to create your reality without fear, and become the divine being that you truly are.

36. Through love you will find all of the value and fulfillment that you need, and you will be able to see the difference between the superficial pleasures of the physical world, and the truly satisfying, fulfilling pleasures of the spiritual world. The key is to let go of your past perceptions of yourself, your life, reality, and everything else, and allow the spontaneous creation of reality to lead the way and open the door to your true function and purpose.

37. Humanity exists for the purpose of creation, and expressing the divine nature of their very being. It is not about superficial conquests of material wealth or possession of other beings for the benefit of carnal pleasure. This perception is the result of negativity, and it has no place in the new world where only purity shall remain.

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