Ascension Presentation 2, Part 2

This is Part 2 of 2 of a presentation that was transmitted via automatic writing earlier this year. Part 1 of the presentation can be viewed online here.

1. From the moment we incarnate into physical reality, we become conditioned to the environment. Everything we interact with, every person, plant, and external stimulus leaves an imprint on our minds, and stores data that will later be referred to in the form of a memory, like a file being read on a computer.

2. Our subjective perception of reality is fabricated by these memories and interactions, and forms our entire experience of reality. Based on the memories that we store, we react to different environmental conditions, and we decide instantaneously how we are going to filter and portray those reactions according to our individual upbringings.

3. It is the conversation of nature versus nurture, the question of determining which factors in our lives truly influence our behavior, that can allow us to analyze our current situation on the planet, provide insight into improving the structures of society, and eliminate the negative energy patterns that we carry as a collective.

4. In school, we are conditioned to fear failure, and not to think outside of the box, or express our creativity. We are taught to walk in straight lines, not act out in class, behave politely, and obey authority. It is this strict mentality that commands fear and produces neurotic behavior in children from a young age, resulting in masses of indecisive, dissociative people who are clouded with distractions and external fears.

5. The pursuits of money, sex, violence, and thrill-seeking dominate the minds of humanity, as they are constantly being pushed and pulled by advertisements and campaigns to attract their energy and manipulate them into investing themselves into meaningless, unhealthy desires.

6. The entertainment industry preys on these lower vibrational energies, and aims to lure in those who are disconnected from their divine nature, and are seeking a means to fulfill the empty void inside of themselves.

7. It is a vicious cycle, as those who are constantly subjected to negative energies are in a perpetual state of depression, yearning for a healthier environment, and when they enter other parts of society, they bring that negativity with them, and others become affected by it, resulting in more disconnection between individuals, dividing people into their own safe and comfortable spaces of being.

8. This phenomenon is the root cause for the lack of unity between individuals, and makes life that much more difficult for everyone, as they are constantly trying to avoid interactions and confrontations with others.

9. Remaining in a state of being that is honest and in tune with your divine self breaks down this invisible barrier, and creates an open and friendly environment around you. It is in maintaining this perception of reality, seeing yourself as all others, that allows you to be unafraid and unaffected by the agents of fear.

10. When you know for sure in your mind that there is truly nothing to be afraid of, that all people are playing on the same team and experiencing the same conditioning that you are, you always have a point of relativity, and you never fall victim to insecurity, jealousy, or self-pity.

11. In remaining conscious and aware of the objective perspective of reality, that everything at its lowest common denominator is energy, you can understand just how connected you truly are with your fellow brothers and sisters.

12. It is only through the subjective perception of reality that the notion of separation and density is present. In higher planes of consciousness, this duality does not exist, and there is only the objective truth of unity consciousness.

13. For example, if you think of different densities within the 3D world, such as solid, liquid, and gas, you can clearly see how the perception of density differentiates according to the frequency of the vibration of the energy.

14. It is this same principle that applies to dimensions and levels of consciousness; the higher frequency an individual vibrates, the less dense he will appear to be, and his energy will feel lighter and more pure.

15. This is why we are unable to perceive our extraterrestrial relatives with our naked eye; they exist at a higher frequency of vibration that is less dense than physicality and closer to spirit, the ethereal state of being.

16. It is through raising our collective consciousness to a level that is more in tune with spirit, our divine nature, that will allow us to transcend physical reality and reach new levels beyond what’s been known to exist throughout history, at least to the public.

17. There are those out there in secret societies who have accessed this higher state of being, this expanded awareness of reality, and have hidden this knowledge from the public eye in order to retain power and keep the masses enslaved to lower vibrational frequencies.

18. It is this hidden knowledge of esoteric principles, the true history and capabilities of mankind, that the dark forces do want to disclose, fearing that the masses will then take their power back, and punish those who have participated in this treachery for so many years.

19. Unfortunately for the dark cabal, this ancient knowledge is being revealed naturally, regardless of what they try to do to contain it, due to the shift in consciousness that is occurring on the planet at this time.

20. The discovery of this knowledge, which is actually a remembrance of this knowledge, is happening at a rapid pace, and it is inevitable. The ability to access infinite intelligence, the essence of All-That-Is, is available to everyone, humanity has simply been conditioned to think that physical evidence is necessary in order to prove that something is true.

21. It’s like saying you need some kind of physical evidence to know that you’re in love; you don’t need anyone to tell you, or any sign to give you confirmation, you just know the truth in your heart intuitively.

22. It is through this open access to the soul, true axiomatic thinking, that will expand your consciousness, and provide all of the knowledge that you will ever need. No book, class, or teacher can ever provide the information that you always have available through your consciousness, you just need to believe this is true, and it shall be so for you.

23. The toughest obstacle to overcome during this transition from your perspective being based on physicality to spirituality is committing yourself to trusting your own intuition. Through fear-based programming, we have been conditioned to give our power away to others, to always seek help from someone who supposedly knows better.

24. The truth is, no one knows better than you, and the quicker you grasp this concept, the quicker you will further your consciousness development. You have to let go of your fears, doubts, and worries, your entire third dimensional identity, in order to progress to the next level, and understand who you really are as a spiritual being.

25. Yes, it is difficult to fully detach yourself from the pressures of the Matrix, but when you learn to view reality from the perspective of a game, an illusion, a divine play, you will stop taking everything so personally, and be able to progress forward with great acceleration.

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