Freedom Earth: A Vision of the Future, Part 1

This is Part 1 of 4 of another oral presentation that I recorded earlier this year. Below is the original audio plus a transcript of the recorded speech. The full presentation is also available to download on the Books page of the website. Here is the link to Part 2.

Part 1: Introduction


So, a quick introduction. This is a presentation called Freedom Earth: A Vision of the Future, and basically what I’m going to be talking about today is how planet Earth is shifting. We’re going to go into pretty much every aspect of society, how it has been in recent times, and how it’s going to change in the future.

And by the future, I’m not talking about the distant future, like hundreds of years or anything like that, what I’m talking about is within this year, and within the next decade—all of the different technologies, all of the different shifts in thinking in the perception of our reality that is occurring at this time.

And I would like to begin this presentation by introducing myself, how I got to this point in presenting this information, and really just the history of the Freedom Earth organization, and why I’m here, and why you should be interested.

In 2010, I started to have, what you could consider to be, spiritual experiences. I started having experiences that you could consider paranormal. You could say that my consciousness was awakening. I was starting to understand what’s really going on on this planet, and what had been going on for years, the truth behind the Matrix.

And ever since I was a kid, I always had this, this inner knowing. I always had this feeling that something wasn’t quite right in the world. I didn’t understand when I was in school why everything was so difficult, and why school was really just the bane of my existence, and for everyone else, as well.

I didn’t really know anyone who liked going to school. Everybody would dread it, and I really… it just didn’t add up, it didn’t make sense. Why was school such a drag? I loved learning. I was a very creative kid. I enjoyed playing sports, I enjoyed playing video games, doing all of the things that kids liked to do in the 90’s.

Yet, I was miserable in school. I would sit in class, and I would doodle all day. I wasn’t one of those kids who would really talk out or act out or anything like that. I was really a well-mannered student. I was actually very quiet when I was young; a lot of people called me shy.

And as I went through the years in school, I started to see this increase in an authoritative, totalitarian, type of disciplinary system. It was as if there was this structure of leadership in the school that was specifically put in place, it was specifically engineered to train students to fear failure.

And even more so than that, they trained students to obey authority, to not be creative and think outside of the box, to fear being spontaneous and think in an abstract manner. It was a very linear, logical, rational type of system, and through standardized testing, through multiple choice tests, through the A-B-C-D-E grading system.

All of it was designed to put a label on a child’s personality, to define a person’s intelligence by some kind of logical scale, when really all of us have our own talents. We’re all unique individuals. We all came from our own backgrounds, have our own stories to tell, and you just can’t throw everyone in the same barrel and say we’re all the same and we all should be identified in the same way, we should all be seen in this logical, linear way.

Because how can you say that someone who is an amazing painter, or dancer, or athlete, yet they’re not very good at math or writing, how could you say that they’re stupid? How could you say that they are not intelligent? How could you say that someone who is a star athlete on the basketball court is not quick-witted, is not a team player, is not talented?

It takes intelligence, maybe a different kind of intelligence, a kind of street smarts, think on your feet, abstract kind of intelligence to be able to think in that way, and to be able to very quickly assess a situation and make decisions.

There is a much different mindset to someone who you consider street smart than someone who you consider book smart, and all I would see when I was in school was pretty much those two types of people. I would see those people who were great athletes or artists, who would fail miserably in the school system because their brains just didn’t work that way.

They’re not the type of people who like to sit down and study material, and regurgitate facts, and be judged and criticized by how well they can memorize something that the teacher told them. These people are much better suited in environments that they need to adapt to, and that they need to use their quick wits, adapt to the situation—use their leadership qualities, use their intuition, use those types of abilities that allow them to think ahead and see what is going to be the best decision, the best course of action down the line.

And then you have the alternative. You have those other types of people who I saw in school who were the type who were the book smart kids. They were the type who excelled in the system. They were the type who were always at the top of their class, always had straight A’s, and they always seemed to get along very well with their teachers.

I don’t want to just say that they were brown nosers, some of them were, some of them weren’t, but I could see a distinct difference in the personalities of those kids who excelled in the system, and the ones who didn’t.

I was the type who did not excel in the system, but it was not because I was not able to. It was a conscious choice. It was a form of rebellion. It was a way of saying I don’t agree with this, I don’t want to be here, I am not going to comply to this authoritative system, I’m not going to invest my energy and betray my will in order to look good, in order to please others in superficial ways.

Even when I was young and in school, I had integrity, and I clearly saw the distinction throughout all of the people in the school, through teachers and students. You just knew it, there were those teachers who got it, who understood the difference, who saw the rigidity of the curriculum, and knew that there was a better way.

They knew that teaching, and what students are really interested in is being a team, is tackling a subject together, and doing it in ways that are fun for everyone, and that cater to everyone’s learning abilities, and don’t simply box everyone into the same category, because that’s just not how we are.

Yes, we are all human beings, but as I mentioned earlier, we all have our unique mindsets. We all have our unique personalities, our own idiosyncrasies, our own traits that define us. And it was those teachers who could see the class as both a team and individuals that were always my favorite, and managed to actually teach me something.

It was all of those other teachers who went by the book, who had no creativity, no real passion for teaching and connecting with students, whose classes I did the worst in, and once again it was not because the material was too difficult for me, it was because I was apathetic about working hard in class.

Why should I study when you don’t even care? Why should I invest myself into something when you’re not even going to give me the time of day? I mean, it’s just like anything. Do people buy products they don’t care about? Do you invest your energy into something that means nothing to you? How can we be forced as students in school to care about something when we have no initial interest?

It’s saying invest yourself even if you don’t want to invest yourself. It’s completely counter-intuitive, and it’s destructive. Because what happens is you get this vicious cycle. You get this intelligent, charming, passionate, beautiful kid coming into this class, and then you have this teacher presenting this curriculum that is dull, mundane, unspirited, uncreative, and it completely demolishes that kid’s spirit.

That kid goes from being excited about learning to dreading walking into that classroom, and what you get is nothing but poor results. You get an intelligent kid who’s getting bad grades. And everyone knows that that kid is very capable of doing much better.

And what happens is that that mark on his report card ends up doing the talking for that kid’s intelligence, and of course the parents are too busy working at jobs all day to really pay attention to the kid’s education, so at the end of the semester all they see is that bad mark on the report card, and the kid is so ashamed of himself, even though he knows that the performance, the performance that he had in the class was only a reflection of his disinterest in the class, not of his actual intelligence of the subject, that he’s afraid to present his parents with his report card.

He’ll tell them, oh, I didn’t get it yet, it’s tomorrow. He’ll wait until the very last moment of the night. He’ll wait until dad is cozy on the… cozy in his recliner watching TV, and then he’ll slip it by and run upstairs. He’ll do anything he can to not have to face being ashamed, being rejected, the fear of failure.

That has been my experience in grade school, and I’m sure many others who have gone through the public school system have had the same experience and can relate. All of this that I’m telling you is just to give you a background of where I’m coming from, and why I had this sense even as a child that there was something not right about our culture, and especially our education system.

Because when you think about it education is the foundation for life. It is education what builds our society. Without educated people, what are we really… how are we making progress?

So after grade school, I tried out college, and actually during grade school I did a parallel enrollment program where I took college courses, and I was majoring in interactive design, I took college courses when I was still in high school, and at that point I had actually been self-taught. I taught myself web design and all of those related things when I was fourteen and going through high school.

So once I finally got into this class, I already knew everything that the teacher was presenting to us, so I really wasn’t learning anything new, and here I am sitting in class as a sixteen or seventeen-year-old, and sitting there with adults, and actual college students, and I was already ahead of most of them. And I had already been building websites and doing Flash projects for a couple years now—and that was when I was still in high school taking college courses.

When I actually got into college after graduating high school, I enrolled in the standard preliminary courses. I was taking English 101, Speech 101, Psych 101, those types of things, I think that was it and I took another interactive design course, and I was incredibly underwhelmed to say the least. I realized that everything that I was learning in these classes I already knew, I had already learned myself, and it was just more of the same stuff from high school only put in the form of college, meaning you had more freedom, it was much less authoritative, it was a much open, a much more open structure, you had much more personal responsibility and freedom.

And that was great. The social aspect and the structure I had no problem with, but what I did have a problem with, and the reason why one day I eventually, straight after I was done with classes, went straight to the bursar’s office, and said I’m done, cancel all my classes, I’m not going anymore, I’m not interested, this was a waste of time and money, and I never went back again.

That was during… I believe that was the end of my first semester, around the end of my first semester of college that I realized that I was wasting my time, that it was a complete scam, a waste of my money, and I wanted out as soon as possible.

Now you might say, well how did your parents react to that? Well, let’s just say they were okay with it because it was my decision completely, I had paid for my college, I was working to pay my way, and while they weren’t completely happy, they understood, and they trusted that I would then continue working, and do what I needed to do.

So that was my college experience. Socially great, educationally very unsatisfactory.

After that… see, this was the funny part. Despite how much, how unsatisfactory college was for me, out of my experience I met someone who was taking the course, one of the courses that I was in, and was also working at a small independent design studio, interactive design studio.

And after that course was over, I received an email from him asking if I was interested in working with him at the studio. So despite all of this grievance that I had about school it eventually paid off because I made a contact. And of course I later realized, well this is what college is really good for, it’s good for meeting people, it’s good for networking. It’s good for meeting new friends, business associates, collaborating on projects, those types of things.

If you utilize college in the right way it can be very beneficial and a great experience, but I cannot deny the fact that it was my experience and all of my friends’, everyone that I’ve ever talked to about college have said the same thing: the social part was great, the education itself was unsatisfactory, mundane.

They really didn’t learn anything, and then they understood that you really only learn through experience. You don’t learn how to make a website by reading a book about it and seeing a presentation. You learn about a website by building a website, by getting your hands dirty and using trial and error. That’s really the only way you’re going to learn how to do things.

So after a while, I left the design studio, and I then was thinking, well what do I want to do now. I then went to Thailand. I decided I would teach as an English as a Foreign Language teacher, and I ended up staying abroad in Thailand for three months, and during that time, I was nineteen years old. I saw a completely different culture. I gained a completely different perspective of reality.

And Eastern culture is so much more laid back, less urgent than Western culture, especially in the United States, that it just completely opened my eyes to what the world was really like, and how myopic the United States is.

Before I left for Thailand, all I heard was Southeast Asia is dangerous, don’t eat any of the food, you’ll get sick. You know, be careful walking around at night, all those things… Yet what I found when I was there was that I felt more safe in Thailand walking around by myself at night than I did here. I found the food to be easier to digest. I found the people to be nicer, more friendly. And I simply found it to be an actual connected culture.

While it wasn’t utopia, let me say, it actually had culture, instead of disconnected mundanity, zombies walking with shopping carts through the grocery stores. People using up all their free time on distractions, and desensitizing themselves with violence and sex and greed. All of those avaricious qualities that we so greatly want to eliminate.

So once I got back from Thailand, I was thinking what should I do next? I learned when I was East that life was not about chasing money, it was not about chasing the American dream. The dream was a lie; it was an illusion. It was a carrot on the end of a stick.

I learned that what was real was freedom, passion, spirituality, connecting with others, experiencing no disconnection, no separation, having no discrepancy or discrimination between gender, creed, race, appearance, any of those superficial qualities.

I learned that what was really important was the content of the character, it was the person that you really were within that you shared with humanity. It wasn’t this mask, this illusion, this deception, that we so commonly get lost in through the ego.

And when I got back, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do next, so my dad suggested that I try out something called Landmark Education, and for anyone who doesn’t know, Landmark Education is alternative education. It is not about doing homework, taking notes, and receiving lectures, it is more so about exploring spirituality, but in a contemporary and very neutral way.

It’s not a religion, it’s not a cult, it’s not based on any type of dogma. It’s something that is just a blanket for everybody. And I did both the first course and the second course in Landmark Education. First one’s called the Landmark Forum, the second one’s called the Landmark Education Advanced Course, and through these courses, they were both weekend sessions, I started to unlock this puzzle for the first time.

This sense that I had, that sense that I had when I was younger that something wasn’t quite right, started to appear before my eyes, and this revelation about our world, about this reality, really started to become incredibly apparent to me, and it got to the point where I simply could not… I could see past everything. I couldn’t simply comply and be a sheep anymore. I couldn’t simply trudge along without a purpose except the American dream and hope to be famous, hope to be a celebrity, hope to be rich, put all of my energy into material gain.

And of course this is not something that is really that hard to understand, anyone can comprehend this, a child can comprehend this, but what happens through our lives we become so desensitized and conditioned to fear not being comfortable, to fear not being in control, to fear everything that is outside of ourselves, and you become so distracted from what’s really important that it’s almost like you become another person. You become that superficial you, that ego-driven you, who is all about keeping up appearances and looking good.

And there’s the real you who couldn’t care less about any of that stuff, and who is driven by your soul to do what you know is good and right, not only for you, but for humanity, and to follow what we call our soul missions. And it is this soul mission that has led me to doing this presentation today.

It was this revelation that I had that started to unfold after Thailand and the Landmark Education courses, and then, after that time, I had went back to work in America, worked for a software company, and after I left that company due to unsatisfaction, I decided to start my own company, and to do things my way—to invest my energy into projects that I knew were beneficial and positive and benevolent that I would enjoy, that other people would appreciate, and that I would invest my energy only into love and no longer this deception and this fear and this greed.

And the idea of Freedom Earth came to me not too long after I left that company. I believe I left that company in October 2010, and then the idea of Freedom Earth came to me in I think December 2010. And when I got the idea of Freedom Earth, I heard it in my head, and I wasn’t quite sure exactly what it was. I didn’t know if it was a book, or a website, an organization, a community, I really didn’t know how to approach manifesting the idea into reality.

And at first I thought a book would be the best idea. I was 21 years old at this point, so I tried a couple times. I tried maybe three-four-five times to draft a book, and every single time I did it, I ran into the same brick wall. I wrote one chapter, thought it was awful, and then I quit. It happened to me every single time. I tried it from a different perspective, I tried writing it spontaneously through improvisation. I tried structuring it different ways, doing introductions, not doing introductions, all of these different ideas that I had to try to make it work.

And also during this time, when I started to work on Freedom Earth, I also started to have spiritual experiences. I started to have lucid dreams. Well, before that I really didn’t remember my dreams very often. I started to have lucid dreams unlike any other dreams I had before. I became way more conscious of energy, esoteric principles, metaphysics, I started to develop an interest into that, and this was also derived from my mom starting to introduce me to these types of teachings.

And all of these experiences and this idea that I had was leading up to something. Of course I didn’t have the foresight then to know that I would be doing this now, I thought it was simply just some idea I had, I really liked the idea of freedom on planet Earth. I was incredibly just disappointed and unsatisfied with the current business structures and mentality for work that I had experienced.

So I wanted some way to transform that. I wanted some way to bring about this idea that I had for my business to everyone, and to the entire world. I didn’t want anybody to have to experience the same suffering that I went through in school, through both grade school and college, and then, to simply have to be subjected to the same ills, same ill will in the workplace.

So skip forward now to about a year later in December 2011. Up until this point, like I said, I had tried to write some books, I had tried to write Freedom Earth as a book, didn’t work out, and now in December 2011, I had discovered the website

For anyone who doesn’t know, reddit is a very large online forum. It has many different channels or subreddits that pertain to different categories. So I decided I would finally do something with this Freedom Earth idea, I had already been pretty deep into my exploration of spirituality, occult practices, metaphysics, conspiracies, all of the truth movement type stuff. I knew all the big names at the time. I knew a lot, I really learned a lot, my mother was a big catalyst for me getting into that.

So I started the Freedom Earth subreddit, and it grew slowly. Eventually, I had over 100 members, I had over 100 subscribers, I was adding new content every day, and I also started writing. I started writing about my lucid dreams. I had out of body experiences. I started channeling, I started divination with a pendulum.

I started all of these different things, and if you had asked me just a year before that… if you had asked me when I just thought of Freedom Earth, do you see yourself being that deep in occult practice only a year later, I would have said no way, you’re crazy.

But that’s what happened, it developed, and I started to collaborate with many other gnostics over the Internet, tons of people who were also into the same stuff, and we started to build a community. We really started to communicate, collaborate a whole lot more. And eventually I wasn’t the only one posting articles.

So eventually I saw what this had come to, I had been writing for a couple months, and I decided it was finally time to write Freedom Earth as a book. I tried it again probably about five more times and failed. I couldn’t understand what was going on. The same approaches that I had tried earlier wasn’t working. I would try different styles, I would try channeling it, I would try using divination, doing it orally, all of these different ways and it just wouldn’t work.

And eventually I realized that it was not that I was supposed to write a book, it was that it should be a presentation presented in a book, and once I had that realization, I was able to let go, and simply present the information.

And during this time, of course I was… like I said I had got into divination and channeling and all that stuff, so I became very opened to listening to my Higher Self, to my soul, and also what I call that aspect of myself, you can call that your divinity, your divine nature, and when you open up to that, you’re able to receive telepathic communications.

And what I began to receive were communications from a… that basically referred to me in a third person perspective, and what I learned was that my soul, this soul that inhabits this body is not originally from Earth. I learned that my soul, my true essence is of Sirian heritage from the twin stars Sirius A, Sirius B, specifically Sirius B, and that I have incarnated here at this time to deliver this presentation to humanity. And I began having these communications with what I would consider my star family, my Sirian relatives.

They would give me advice. I could receive it through divination with a pendulum, or I could simply receive it telepathically if I just asked a question and listened. And I began to have these communications very frequently.

And what I have been able to understand is that we really, we really don’t see the whole picture here. We really have no idea exactly what is going on when we look at things from merely a physical, subjective perspective. It is only when we look at the whole game, when we look at life objectively, that we can begin to comprehend just how simple yet complex this reality is.

And what we are going through right now is a shift in consciousness, what we consider to be this New Age movement, that is going to allow all of humanity to have these same experiences and revelations that I am explaining to you, that I have gone through.

What I have found is that I am one of the population on Earth that consists of what you could consider to be the spearhead of conscious awareness.

When it comes to extra-sensory perception, with telepathy, channeling, understanding spirituality and the knowledge of the universe, also considered to be called All-That-Is, or God, having that knowledge has simply put me into a perspective that is completely different than the one that I had before, and I can only describe this as a spontaneous evolutionary leap of mankind, to quote Dr. Georgi Stankov.

And all of us are experiencing this, and we are all in different stages, but eventually, we are all going to be on this level, we are all going to be giving these presentations, so to speak, we will all have that capability to simply know this stuff. I just know this stuff, it just pops into my head. I can’t explain how, but this is what I’m talking about with telepathy, with being able to access the infinite intelligence of this universe.

Once you have this realization that you are this universe, you are God, there is no separation, everything is made out of energy, you realize that there is nothing that you don’t know, and there is nothing that you have not experienced, and that there is nothing that you do not have, and you realize that true wealth comes from satisfaction, comes from spiritual fulfillment, not from anything material, not from anything that this physical world can present to you.

3 thoughts on “Freedom Earth: A Vision of the Future, Part 1

  1. This is me to a T. Except for the difference that during this time in high school, i started my adventures in mental health once during this period….
    Now because of my lack of a degree, I’ve been a peripheral member of economic society and that has HUGE costs. Then having ascension symptoms that can come along and ruin your health ( I have severe ones and a diagnosis of bipolar).. you can imagine the level of frustration when I enter this “sweetspot” on the curve and see the results of everyone elses mindless choices… But ya, you do an awesome job of bringing this issue up.. for all of us. Thanks

  2. Hi, Skyler,
    I so enjoyed your sharing of this story. Myself, I was a book-smart kid (though a quiet rebel inside), but your description of yourself in grade school describes my 9-yr-old son exactly. It’s been harrowing and heart-breaking watching my bright, creative son go through a rigid school system that’s trying to turn him into a little box. The children are changing, though, and most being born today are like you and my son. I think our education system will be forced to change, or left behind by the children and made obsolete. Thank you so much for sharing. —Hui Sun

    • You’re very welcome! I’m glad you found it beneficial. Indeed, change is inevitable as the old systems must adapt to the expanded consciousness of the children. It’s just a shame the shift is so slow and gradual. Every day that goes by that kids remain in these indoctrinations centers called schools is painful for me, but progress is being made.

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