Freedom Earth: A Vision of the Future, Part 2

This is Part 2 of 4 of another oral presentation that I recorded earlier this year. Below is the original audio plus a transcript of the recorded speech. The full presentation is also available to download on the Books page of the website. Here is the link to Part 3.

Part 2: The Problem


Now I would like to move on to the next part of this presentation. I would like to discuss the structure of this matrix. I would like to discuss more in-depth how we’ve gotten to where we are now. What happens in the time between when a new child is born, and then when they become an adult. What is it that happens that takes this divine being, this purity, and turns it into a being based in fear.

Well, from the moment we’re all born, we enter this world, and we become conditioned. We become conditioned to every aspect of our environment, and this is through our parents, our education system, the television, our friends, politics, money, everything.

Every single aspect becomes an imprint in our identities, and when we are not taught from an early age how to distinguish between the superficial ego-driven identity that we create for ourselves as a defense mechanism and our true divine selves, what commonly occurs is confusion, is disconnection, distraction from what’s really important, and instead of everybody getting along and living in harmony, what we see is exactly the opposite.

We see teenagers who are looking to escape. We see them going to school and finding even more division. They see those cliques, they see the jocks, the athletes, the preps, the goths, punks, nerds, we have all of these superficial labels that categorize people into different places on the social ladder.

And without any type of official placement, we find ourselves in this caste system. Oh, I can’t date her because she’s cooler than me. Oh, I can’t be friends with them, they’re on the football team, I’m not.

We look to these superficial qualities, these characteristics of our identities that are truly just fabrications of our subjective realities. Because when you look at reality from an objective perspective, you see that everything is the same, there is no disconnection, we are all one. We are all made of the same energy source.

When you turn out the lights, and you see that everything is just darkness, everything is made of the same thing, and then when you turn the lights back on again, you see all of the individual solid objects.

It is this separation that we perpetually live in that creates this invisible layer of fear between human beings. It is this fear of not fitting in, of not upholding some type of false reputation that drives us to insanity.

It drives us to escape from reality and fill the void that is within us with some kind of quick fix, whether that’s a violent movie or video game, or drugs, alcohol, pornography, thrill seeking, whatever it is, it’s all a way to mask pain, to put a band-aid on a wound that really needs a full operation.

And once again this is not to say that there is anything wrong with anyone. Everyone is fine exactly how they are. No one is bad. No one is doing anything wrong. There is no judgment in this observation, this is merely analyzing human behavior, and understanding what is the root cause for all of this disharmony.

Why don’t you go to a school and see that all of the kids are friends? And that they’re all not just a united team. They’re all there to experience learning together and growing up together, and they should all be there for one another and see past all of their superficial qualities.

So it is this conditioning that goes on a massive scale that takes us as pure, divine beings, and puts on this mask, this costume of some type of identity with the intention of providing some type of purpose, some type of reason to give us, some motivation just to simply go on, to simple keep breathing, to go to class every day, to go to work every day, and the final result is usually a shadow of a man. It is someone who is unsatisfied with their life, and once again resorts to some type of addiction. What is their favorite pleasure to relieve themselves of the pain that they are too afraid to honestly look at in the mirror.

And when we look all around us in our environments, in the mainstream media, in the entertainment industry, in politics and finance, what we see everywhere is this same corruption and manipulation.

We see all of these different facets of society abusing and using people’s insecurities to convince them to buy something, or vote for something, invest their energy into something that is truly not in their best interest.

Is that not what advertising has become? Buy this car because it will make you feel proud of yourself. It will make you feel like a man. Watch football. Drink beer. Eat pizza. This is how an American man lives, and if you do not fit this description, then you are an outcast, and you will not have friends, and you will not be successful, and you will not be living some type of dream.

Well that dream is a pipe dream. That dream of fulfillment, satisfaction, only comes from within yourself. It only comes from knowing that you’re doing the right thing, that you’re living with integrity, and that you’re coming from a place of love.

It is this conditioning that is the result of our current status on this planet. It is the reason why we still have an obsolete education infrastructure. It is why we still rely on money that is so obviously manipulated, based on fiat currency, that day in and day out, we are all too afraid of stepping outside of the box to do anything about it.

Yes, there are organizations. There are protests. There are people trying to do something about it, of course. But what I’m talking about is humanity as a collective. I’m talking about everyone stepping up and saying no more.

And this does not require protesting. This does not require anything but peaceful noncompliance. It simply means live within your values.

You don’t have to go protest on Wall Street to make decisions that are the best for you. It is through making healthy decisions that we can change our reality. Because how this reality is formed is through our co-creation. It’s through our collective thoughts, our collective agreements building the foundation.

It is through all of us together saying yes, we’re still going to support this money system even though we don’t want to, that keeps it going. It is through all of us saying oh, war is so terrible, and then turning our heads and watching a movie about war. Throwing our money at war, playing violent video games, supporting our troops, it’s all a fabrication, it’s an illusion.

It’s some kind of false pride that we have. That we have to uphold some type of reputation, and say oh, well those soldiers are doing their duty, they’re fighting for our freedom. They’re fighting for our freedom? Really?

That’s funny, because they’ve been fighting for a long time, and I’m pretty sure we have not become anymore free than when they started fighting. In fact, we are in a much worse situation now than when we were before. So how has this exactly resulted in fighting for freedom?

It is an understanding that this physical reality, when you look at it from a subjective point of view, is completely built upon our agreements. And when we all collectively agree, even though we say something, it is our actions that are actually the concrete definition.

It is an understanding that this physical reality is an illusion. What we are living in is a perpetual virtual reality video game, a computer software program.

We are the godsparks, we are the architects of this reality, and here we are in our biological vessels thinking that these bodies are all that we are, and it is true in this subjective third dimensional sense.

In this reality, from a subjective perspective, yes, we are simply water-based bodies with skin, nails, and hair, but if you look at it from a much greater perspective, you realize that not only are we all made out of the same thing, energy, but if you look at it keeping the analogy of a computer program, that all we are are pieces of code. We are functions designed to serve a purpose.

We are the ultimate artificial intelligence programs here in many different forms: man, woman, black, white, lawyer, garbageman, actor.

We are all here in our different forms to perform a function, and to do an objective duty that contributes to the facilitation of this system, of this macrocosm.

We are the ones who decide how the future of this reality is going to unfold. We are the ones who build factories. We are the ones who start wars. All of these things that we do affect our reality, and much more so than we even realize.

When we dropped a nuclear bomb on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the effects of that radiation did not simply stay enclosed within that immediate area. That radiation emitted out into space, and it is acts of terror such as that that have gotten our cosmic relatives involved.

They have always been involved, but they have been unable to interfere. But since that happened, and also in Fukushima now, they have been allotted more interference, and it has been assured that that type of action will not occur again.

Planet Earth will not be destroyed. It will not be completely devastated, that is not the fate of this planet. The fate of this planet is something much greater.

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