Freedom Earth: A Vision of the Future, Part 3

This is Part 3 of 4 of another oral presentation that I recorded earlier this year. Below is the original audio plus a transcript of the recorded speech. The full presentation is also available to download on the Books page of the website. Here is the link to Part 4.

Part 3: The Solution


I have had many dreams, many experiences, that have given me very firsthand knowledge of the truth about our divinity. It is through these lucid dreams and these out of body experiences that I have experienced existence from the fulcrum of objective reality.

In my out of body experiences, I have literally experienced leaving my body, and going straight through the roof of my house, and just flying straight into space, and floating up there in my astral body, and looking down, and through everything seeing myself, my physical body lying in bed.

It is in those experiences that you could say that I have experienced death. For what is death? Is death not the experience of leaving the body? Is it to say that every night in our dreams, when we are asleep, that what we experience is a form, a simulation of death?

So all of this talk about death being final, about death being this experience that is simply darkness, and it’s just your body being dug into the ground, well from my experience, and from all of the testimonies that I have heard from people who have had near death experiences, I think there is pretty concrete evidence that the perception of death being final is false and obsolete, and it is merely another attempt to place humanity into a state of fear.

And of course this is reflected in all forms of entertainment, perpetually reinforced, drilled into our heads to fear death, and I’m telling you that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Another false perception is time. Time is not linear. The perception of time being linear is as real as third dimensional reality. Meaning it is real only through our collective agreement, through our imagination.

In all truth, time is cyclical, and that’s even if you wanted to give it any type of label besides time being an infinite moment of now, but if you just want to make it a little bit easier to understand, time is cyclical, and why I’m even bringing this up is to help you understand that the reason we are going through this spontaneous shift in consciousness is because we are entering a new energetic state.

And this shift is inevitable. This is not happening just randomly. This is happening because a 26,000, approximately 26,000 year precessional cycle of the solar system is now reaching its next stage.

And of course there is a lot of discrepancy between astrologers about when the Age of Pisces ends and the Age of Aquarius begins.

Well, here is my viewpoint on that. The Age of Aquarius begins when we say it does. The Age of Aquarius begins when we start living predominantly as Aquarians.

In the past, we have experienced life mainly as a collective as Pisceans. And what that means is that, and of course since we have been very much manipulated and reinforced into negativity, we have expressed the negative Piscean traits, so what we’re talking about is being passive, introverted, inwardly reflective.

And we can see, just like a fish, which is the Piscean symbol, just like a fish, when it comes to confrontations, when it comes to expressing ourselves, when it comes to stepping up and making a difference, how we handle ourselves is typically very Piscean.

It’s very feminine and passive. It’s very much that fish hunkering down in the bottom of the sea, and it’s simply following the school. You don’t see any of those fish going out of their group. You don’t see any of them leaving the hive mind.

And that’s the way we’ve been, we simply follow in line, and even though the door of the pen has been left open, and it’s always been open, we’re all too afraid to leave the sheep, to leave the herd, and go outside.

So that’s the way that we’ve been in the past. Where we are entering now is into the Age of Aquarius, is an outlook on the world that is more extroverted, humanitarian, progressive, fraternal, communal, it is less emotional, less superficial, and it is more based on community.

It is this New Age movement, this progression towards making everything green that is incredibly Aquarius, Aquarian. And right now there are many people who have shifted into this Aquarian mindset, but of course there is still a very large percentage who are still stuck in the outdated Piscean model.

And it is this outdated model that the so-called one percent, the dark cabal, the Illuminati, whatever you want to call them, it is the old model that they want to uphold.

They do not want this new belief system to be installed into the collective. They do not want this upgrade, this update to the Matrix computer program, this patch, however you want to look at it, they do not want it to install, and have everything that they work for, all of their power, all of their hoarding, they do not want that to be eliminated.

Because that is what will happen. When this world shifts fully into Age of Aquarius, no longer will any of that avaricious behavior be tolerated, because everybody will automatically be switched on to this new operating system, and all of the old stuff, all of the old antiquated belief systems, all of those programs that control our financial system, our education system, relationships, all of that fear-based stuff is going to dissipate.

And as I mentioned earlier, once all of that fear-based Piscean program, once that is overridden, the extra-sensory abilities, the true capabilities of human beings is going to be unleashed, and people are not going to be skeptical about all of this stuff anymore. They’re going to know it’s the truth, because they’re going to experience it themselves.

We are going to shift into being more like our cosmic relatives. We are going to use telepathy as our main form of communication, and in fact, we already do, we simply think that we don’t, because it has been drilled into us that it doesn’t exist, and we simply refer to it as body language.

Body language and telepathy are basically the same thing. It is nonverbal communication. It is using emotions to convey all that needs to be said.

It is understanding that when your dog hops up on the couch next to you, and puts its head in your lap, and wags its tail as you rub its head, it’s understanding that you don’t need words, your dog doesn’t speak English, and it doesn’t need to for you and it to understand your relationship, to know that that love is present between both of you. It is the same thing with a tree. It is the same thing with another human being.

Verbal communication is going to become antiquated eventually. Will it still be used? Sure. But there is going to come a time, and in fact, for many of us on the spearhead, it has already become this time that words simply do not express our feelings as greatly as our telepathic communications.

And we have experienced amazing synchronicities in our communications online that have occurred between all of us. It is just this spontaneous experience of somehow knowing what someone else is thinking, of writing a blog post about something, and then having someone else write a blog post without reading your blog post, and somehow you’re on the same page talking about the same subject.

How is that possible if what I’m talking about is not true?

It is through these occurrences that are going to pick up even greater on a massive scale that people will begin to understand that this is all real and really happening. It is when we all become connected and fully upgraded to this new multidimensional operating system that we are all going to see with our own eyes that this new reality based on Aquarian characteristics is manifesting.

And people, as they gain this connection and this sense of extrasensory abilities, of telepathy, they will start to get on track with those of us who already understand the concepts of the higher self, of our divine nature, of understanding the reality of higher dimensional beings, of angels descending and incarnating into this reality as volunteers to assist in this transition.

They will no longer see it as New Age folly. They will see it as truth. And all of those logic-based scientists, institutions, teachers, all of those people who have been skeptical are going to have a very rude awakening.

They are going to realize that they have been had. They are going to realize that all they’ve been doing their entire lives is believing in lies, and thinking that anything that they can prove in the physical world, they think that’s truth, they think that’s real.

So what they’re trying to teach all of these children, what they’re trying to tell everyone, is that experiments that they perform in a false reality are truthful, that they are representative of truth.

It’s like saying if you program physics in a video game, then when you do that experiment, that experience of physicality, that that is your basis of truth. That a video game is representative of reality. It is true within the basis of the reality of the video game, but it is not true from the bigger picture.

And that is what all of these people are going to realize. That all of this time that they have spent investing into understanding the illusion of the Matrix, they will understand that they have been manipulated.

So it is this rude awakening, this dark night of the soul, that the rest of humanity is going through now. It is this experience that those of us at the spearhead of humanity of conscious awareness have already experienced, have already realized the futility of this reality, and will then proceed to go through all of the trials, all of these spiritual initiations that we have gone through.

And it is our jobs as those who have already experienced this to act as the wayshowers, to act as the guides on Earth for those humans who are awakening later in the game.

And that takes me to my next topic, which is the Millennials—Gen Y, Gen Z, whatever you want to call them.

It is this new generation of people, those who are kids growing up now, and also those who are now becoming adults, it is this generation of people that have been encoded with this Aquarian operating system. They enter this world with this operating system already installed in their hardware, and that is why so many of them have an incredibly difficult time making their way in this world.

It is not because they are stupid. It is not because they are unmotivated. It is because they are being forced to live in a world, to function in a world that is outdated. They are new operating systems being forced to work in an old one, and they’re not very happy about it.

There is a lot of friction, and of course, those who are keeping the old system intact do not want to admit this, they want to say that these new children are stupid. That it is the fault of our schools, it is the fault of the parents, they want to put the blame on everything but society itself.

And it is this lag time between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius, it is this time of people catching up and upgrading their operating systems that is causing this major friction.

And what we have seen now in 2012 is a major acceleration, and this is represented in the Occupy movements, all of the protests, all of the progressive movements towards the Aquarian operating system.

So it’s important to understand, especially for those who are Millennials, it is not your fault, you are not stupid, you are not dysfunctional, you are simply a new model being forced to exist in an old model.

And it is your job to break down those barriers, to eliminate the old, and construct the new. That is what you’re here to do.

The new belief system, the Millennials, are based on unity. They are based on those Aquarian characteristics, that it is not about judging people by their outward appearance, it is by accepting people by the content of their character that is important.

This is the new foundation for society, and it is in this year of 2012 that the catalyst for the new installation is occurring.

Millennials are much different from their predecessors. Millennials are incredibly hard and dedicated workers. We care about our planet. We are humanitarians. We are not as emotional. We are able to see through the superficiality and do what needs to be done.

We like to work, we like to think in an abstract manner rather than a logical, linear. We do not like to be told what to do. We do not like to be forced to adopt old principles that are not in line with our New Age beliefs.

Lastly, the Millennials are here to be the harbingers of the New Age. The Millennials are going to change the world. It is inevitable. It is what we have been designed to do. No longer are the old models of society going to stand. They are going to crumble, and the Millennials are going to forge the new foundation of society, and it is going to be a Golden Age. It is going to be the reemergence of Atlantis. It is going to be the next renaissance, and it is going to be beautiful.

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    • Barbara,

      I have not read Bill’s work before, but this is excellent, thank you for sharing. It’s always fascinating to see how all of the different ideologies come together, and point to the same conclusions.

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