Freedom Earth: A Vision of the Future, Part 4

This is Part 4 of 4 of another oral presentation that I recorded earlier this year. Below is the original audio plus a transcript of the recorded speech. The full presentation is also available to download on the Books page of the website.

Part 4: The Future


So, once the Age of Aquarius operating system is fully integrated into the collective consciousness, we are going to be in a much different place than we are now, to put it simply.

What we are going to see are new technologies, a new perspective on relationships, families, money, education, individuality, morality, every single aspect of our lives in this world is going to shift into the Aquarian structure.

So, let’s look at money. With money, what has it been for centuries now? It has been fiat currency supposedly based, backed by gold, but ever since the Federal Reserve was instated, it became manipulated.

Where we are heading is for a free society. And not just free in the way of without external control, we’re talking about free as in everything will be free. Food will be free, housing will be free, clothing will be free, everything will be free.

Will this happen right away? No. What will happen first is the manipulation that currently exists in the economy will be eliminated, and we will still use money to buy things. We will still be based on money, but first of all, without the manipulation, we will not have the inflation. Prices will be cheaper. Gas will be cheaper. Cars will be cheaper, homes. Everything will become affordable.

And not only that, but the whole concept of business will shift, because it will no longer be about greed, it will be about sharing. And anyone familiar with Charles Eisenstein will know what I’m talking about when I discuss a gift economy.

What we’re going to be shifting into is an economy based more on donations than flat prices. It’s going to be based more on bartering than selling. It’s going to be based more on hey, how about I cook you dinner, if you give me a ride.

It’s going to be based more on true energy exchange instead of manipulated energy exchange, because that is all that business really is. Transactions are simply energy exchange, and money is the third dimensional physical form that these transactions are represented by.

We are going to move to an ideal structure that is based more on hey, you’re doing something cool, I want to support you, here’s some money, instead of hey, I better read some reviews, and I better be sure. My money is precious, my time is precious.

This will shift because not only will the manipulation from money be gone, therefore people will have more money, the scarcity and lack and limitation will not be so fierce, if existent at all, but due to the shifting in the belief system, people will be more generous.

They will want to support others who are expressing love, and altogether, our belief system will shift from being about survival to being about expressing our divine nature and simply being.

Simply living with the mindset of we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, and while we’re here, we want to have the best time possible. We want to experience all that there is to be experienced. We want to have an adventure.

That ideal is what is going to reign supreme, and no longer is it going to be about drudging by, trying to survive, trying to make your way, trying to achieve the American dream. That is going to end.

And the status warfare, as well as physical warfare, will end because the world will become fully connected. All of the secrets about humanity’s true origins will be revealed. There will be no more secrets about extraterrestrials, about hidden technologies, about underground bases, secret societies.

All of this will be disclosed, and open for everyone to know. There will be no more secrets on this planet. This battle versus light and dark will end. Apocalypse will be achieved, and we will experience an entire paradigm shift.

So if we look at life now in our new world, where there is no longer this fight to survive, this feeling of not being free, now that we are here, what is life going to be like?

Well, as we said, if we are even still using money it will be freely available to everyone. Everyone will have as much as they need. All of the problems, such as war, poverty, hunger will be solved. Humanity will be connected as a society. We will shift from verbal communication to telepathic communication.

The boundaries of gender, color, religion, all of that stuff will disappear. Even sexuality, with homosexuality. That will disappear, and bisexuality will become much more apparent, because sex will be more based upon energy exchange, not possession, and relationships will not be about possession, or greed, or ego, it will be simply about experiencing.

Experiencing different forms of energy, and the old antiquated ideals about being monogamous, getting married, will dissolve, and of course there will be some people who choose to be monogamous, and get married, and continue in the old way, but the majority will be polygamous, and will not get married.

They will probably choose life partners in the end, but this enforced idea of being bound to one another will end. It is an indoctrinated idea.

Free energy is what will fuel our homes, our vehicles, and the rest of our technologies.

At first our vehicles will move to having much greater gas mileage, and we will still use petroleum, but then next we will advance to using technologies, such as water-based vehicles, solar vehicles, electric vehicles, carbon vehicles, and then eventually we will move to universal energy, which is what extraterrestrial crafts are based upon.

And our vehicles will go from being ground-based to air-based, and eventually our vehicles will be both organic and synthetic similarly to extraterrestrial crafts.

And space travel, time travel, all of this will be possible. We will become a galactic civilization once again, and keep in mind I said once again, because we already are and were a galactic civilization, it is simply during this process of duality, this time that we are still in this old paradigm, that we have been quarantined from the rest of the galaxy.

Once the game is over, this quarantine will be lifted, and we will be freely able to travel throughout the cosmos once again, and our cosmic relatives from nearby star systems, such as the Pleiades, Sirius, Andromedan, Orion, Arcturian, all of those civilizations will be reconnected with us once again.

They will join us on Earth, we will join them on their planets, and we will ascend into multidimensional frequencies. We will live as higher frequency beings, ascending to fifth dimensional frequency and above.

Of course, being multidimensional, we will be able to descend into third dimensional frequency if we desire, but most likely, most of us will exist in a higher dimensional frequency.

Creation at a higher dimensional frequency is much faster. It will be based upon thought forms. You will think of something, and it will appear in your reality. We will not have those same restrictions any longer.

Whatever you can think of you will be able to manifest, because all that creation really is is an accumulation of energy, that when seen in a lower dimensional form, it takes the shape of your idea.

So, buildings will be erected by thought. This was how the pyramids were created. The Egyptians were extraterrestrials. They used telekinesis and other extrasensory abilities to move the pyramids, the blocks of the pyramids, on top of one another. It was not done in any other way, it was done with their minds.

But since that time, the truth about human nature has been hidden, and our abilities forgotten. All of our memories about our past lives, about our divine nature are going to be remembered and restored within our beings. The veil of forgetfulness will be lifted, and everything that we’ve always dreamed of will be ours again.

We will no longer need to eat food or drink water unless we decide to. We will not have to do anything for our own survival unless we decide to. We will be able to survive on prana alone, on simply the energy of the universe.

Universal energy is the foundation for all creation, and this foundation will be remembered by humanity and it will be utilized to power everything.

This energy source will be used for food. It will be used for vehicles. It will be used to power homes. It will be used for everything.

Society itself will become more cultured, because all of the knowledge, the infinite intelligence of history will be available for everyone.

No longer is music going to be dominated by lower frequency commercial-based creations. What will be popular will return to what it was before. It will be classical music, instrumental music, vocal music. It will be music that is the frequency of divinity. It will be music that is reflective of angels.

Entertainment in all forms will not be as violent. The need for violence will dissolve. It is a carnal desire that is unnatural, and has been implanted, indoctrinated into the human collective to keep them unstable, divided, and scared.

Architecture will no longer be cookie-cutter and mundane. It will be unlimited to whatever the creator desires. It will reflect architecture of the Atlantean period and also of Ancient Greece. It will be reminiscent of Mount Olympus. You will see architecture that is both advanced in technology but also has a classical aesthetic.

You will see all of the technologies that have been shown in movies, the holographic computer systems, the hover cars, the citadels, all of these inventions will be manifested into reality, as they already exist, they have simply been hidden away from the masses.

No longer will disease be a problem for humanity. Health concerns will no longer be necessary. Self-healing is already available to all of humanity. It has simply been forgotten, and humanity has been programmed to think that we need external medications, pharmaceuticals, in order to cure ourselves.

We are always perfectly healthy. It is only in the constructs of disease, ideas that are implanted into our minds when we are feeling depressed, when we are feeling disconnected that these constructs of disease affect us.

Because that is all that disease or discomfort is. It is negative energy coursing through your essence. It is not real. At all times you have the ability to become completely healthy, and if you feel any discomfort or disease, you can heal yourself simply by clearing your energy of negative thoughts, and restoring a sense of positivity and well-being.

This will be well known. This will be common knowledge. No longer will doctors even be needed. Psychiatrists, any type of doctor will serve as an aide, but they will not be necessary as all beings will be able to heal themselves at their own will.

No longer will human beings give their power away to anyone else. Humans will realize that they are divine beings of God, that they are sovereign creator beings, and that they are almighty, infinite, immortal, powerful beings.

They will no longer be subjected to having to get jobs, to work for a living, to pay to live on the planet. They will be able to live completely freely, do whatever they desire without any restriction.

Education will be based upon the individual. Anyone who wants to learn anything will simply need to access their telepathic capabilities, to access the Source, simply be one with the universe to receive the information that they are interested in receiving.

All beings will be fully aligned with their extrasensory abilities, and will not need any teachers to lecture them. It will only be during this transitional period that humans will look to others who have already experienced these abilities, and possess them, and have remembered them.

Teachers will only serve as reminders to these students, because the students already have all of the information within themselves.

Any schools that exist will not be based upon letter grades, test taking, placement exams, anything like that. That will all be done. Schools will be based upon the students forming their own tests, performing their own studies. It will be through collective agreement that there is no right or wrong answer.

Everything is a possibility when you understand that this reality is merely a sandbox for creation. Anything is possible when you are fully aligned with your divine nature, and your power to create.

Lastly, there will be individual dedicated communities to each aspect of life. To different hobbies. Those who enjoy sports will be able to belong to a collective colony with others that share their interests. Those who enjoy art will be able to live freely with those who share their interest.

No longer will the same family model, that will no longer be the standard. People will live with those who share ether interests, and are on the same energy frequency as them.

Since there will be no restrictions, due to money or any other reason, people will live in harmony with those who are like-minded.

They will vibrate at the same frequency, be on the same wavelength, and they will live in communities, and they will thrive.

What I am presenting is the blueprint of the future of humanity. This is a snapshot of New Earth. This shift is inevitable. It is happening whether you like it or not, and this year 2012 is the catalyst for this next stage of development, moving from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, and on December 21, 2012 we will officially meet the deadline for making this jump.

So what that means is everyone who is still stuck in the outdated model, the outdated Piscean operating system, will need to shift to the new model by December 21, 2012.

Of course, it is not like on that date a flip is going to be switched, and the entire physical world is going to be changed. That is not what’s going to happen. What’s going to happen is a spiritual change, an energetic change, a change in frequency.

With all of the events occurring up until that time, we are making that transition to the Age of Aquarius. And come December 21st, that will be the closure of the 12/21/12 portal, and it marks the dissection of the different frequencies of humanity. It is the closure of the harvest, of an energetic harvest, and the official end of duality.

This period that we are in now is the End Times. It is the End Times because it marks the closure of one paradigm, and the beginning of another.

This is the same thing that has happened over and over again throughout history. This is why time is cyclical, not linear. It goes in cycles according to the alignment of the planetary bodies, and human beings are affected by the alignment of these bodies.

This is why we have the different astrological ages. Because in each of these different ages, the civilization of humanity is based on different ideals, therefore society is controlled, and manifests in different ways.

So just like Atlantis and Rome, present Earth reality you can call it is going to fall, and a new civilization is going to arise. And this civilization is going to be galactic. It is going to be completely different than what it was before.

It is going to be gradual in physicality, but spiritually, emotionally, mentally it is going to be sweeping. That is going to be like a light switch. It is going to be like one day you’ll be at work, and then just a light bulb will go off, and you’ll realize you are making a big mistake.

You’ll have that dark night of the soul experience, that rude awakening, and you’ll realize that you have been investing your energy into negativity, and that you really need to change your lifestyle, change your values, and reconnect with your divinity. That is what we’re talking about.

This has all been happening for years, and this year of 2012 is going to be, and has been already, the catalyst, but there is still much more yet to come.

Thank you for your time, I am Skyler Newman of, and God bless you all.

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