My Journey Into the World of Intentional Communities, Part 5

This is Part 5 of 5 of an article series detailing my recent six-week visit to five intentional communities based in the D.C./Virginia area of the United States. Here’s the link to Part 4.

My Fifth Destination: Light Morning – The Wise Old Grandfather

The second three-week visitor period that I attended during my trip took place at Light Morning, a monastic intentional community based in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Roanoke, Virginia. I was originally scheduled to return home to Baltimore after my visitor period at Acorn Community, but through a remarkable occurrence of synchronicity, I was invited to tag along with another visitor at Acorn named Eva just in the nick of time.

One night, I was meditating in the Rec Room at Acorn, as I often did, and Eva happened to stop by for whatever reason, not even knowing I was there at the time, so we struck up a conversation which led to her suggesting that I come visit Light Morning with her. The situation was almost too good to be true; I had thought about visiting a monastery after I left Acorn, and it just so happened that Light Morning was not only a monastic intentional community in reasonable proximity to Acorn, but that it was located in Roanoke where my friend, Richard C. Cook, author of the recently published book, Return of the Aeons, resided, and last but not least, Eva and I were scheduled to leave Acorn on the same exact day, so the timing would work out perfectly. The divine order of it all was absolutely astounding to me, and I knew right away that it was the right decision for me to go with her.

So on May 22nd in the early afternoon, Eva and I got on a Greyhound bus in Charlottesville, VA and took it straight to the Roanoke bus station where Robert Foote, the main proprietor of Light Morning, picked us up and took us for about an hour’s ride through the city and suburbs of Roanoke and then up deep into the mountains where Light Morning was based.

From the moment I saw Robert waiting at the bus station, I knew he was a genuine master. I could sense his high vibration, and disciplined, mindful state of being. He was a skinny but athletic 68-year-old Caucasian man with short brown hair and a gray beard, but he may as well have been half that age, because he showed no sign of weakness or deterioration, physically or mentally, and after spending just a few days working outside with him, it occurred to me that he was probably in even better shape than I was, despite being three times my age. I knew forty years of conscious conditioning would have that type of effect on a man, but it was still an amazing sight to see in person, especially when I was so used to seeing men even younger than him in much worse physical condition.

Light Morning had been around for forty years, and there was a lot of history for Robert and the three other remaining founding members to share with Eva and I. Back in the late sixties to early seventies, Robert, his wife Joyce, and their friends, Ron and Marlene, were all part of an esoteric circle in Virginia Beach, and together they received a channeled vision, an idea for a new type of community based on spiritual principles that they would  build together, and a few years later that’s exactly what the four of them went out and did. In the beginning, they had nothing but a shared vision, a dream to build a community of their own design, and despite not having a lot of capital to work with, they managed to build up Light Morning into the extraordinary establishment that it is today over time through sheer will, perseverance, and hard work. They lived in tents with very little money and supplies for a long time, and whatever money they did earn through receiving inheritances or working odd jobs, they invested it all into the project, and eventually they managed to construct their own cabins, raise a farm, and build the foundation of their community.

Robert and the others talked a lot about the significant impact Jane Roberts’ Seth Material had on the group, and they had regular study sessions on the books where they would discuss such topics as causality, reincarnation, dreams, the multidimensional nature of existence, and many other related metaphysical concepts. Robert was an excellent writer himself, and he wrote two books of his own based on the channeled information that was transmitted during the group’s time  at Virginia Beach. His first book was called Season of Changes, and the second was Wax Statues, Cotton Candy, and the Second Coming.

It was customary for us to both prepare and eat all of our meals together, a custom Robert called common table, and sometimes during our meals Robert or his wife Joyce would read passages from one of Robert’s books, writings by Jon Michael Greer, a favorite author of theirs, poetry, or sections from a binder about the philosophy of Light Morning.

It was also customary for us to do a grace circle together before every meal. I had never practiced a custom like that before, and it was a bit weird to me at first, although I got used to it rather quickly and enjoyed it. I never saw myself maintaining the custom after my visit was over, but I did see the value in practicing it, and I have respect for others who do so.

Robert also had a precise manner of doing things, an organized, well thought-out method that was obviously a result of much practice and refining over the years to perfect each process, whether it was cultivating a garden bed, air conditioning the house, chopping fire wood, or simply washing the dishes, it was all done with a high level of conscious effort, what Eva called love, and I found that slight distinction made all the difference in the world.

It wasn’t about getting all the chores done and out of the way so that we could move on to other activities that we liked better, it was about allowing all activities—all thoughts, words, and actions—to be an equally integral part of our daily experience without discrimination or resistance. My visit at Light Morning, I gradually came to find, was about so much more than what I could have possibly planned for initially. It was a process, just like all ascension work, that I had to work through myself until the end to fully understand what I was there to achieve in the first place, and this was facilitated by Robert’s (and the others who were  regularly there, who I will talk about after this) dedication to lead by example and uphold righteous values of natural living, compassion, discipline, mindfulness, and holistic health.

I had a much less emotionally turbulent experience than Eva, since I’ve already spent so much time over the past few years dedicating myself to my own personal ascension work, but there was still so much to learn about myself, and Light Morning was specifically designed to assist in the healing process, the transition from the old self to the new self, and each individual’s level of progress upon entering would determine the amount of cleansing that would need to be done. If there were still a lot of cords that needed to be cut, a lot of trauma and darkness that needed to be confronted, it would be a very intensive emotional experience if you were willing to fully commit yourself to the process, allowing all of your past fears, insecurities, and perceptions to rise up to the surface and be laid bare.

I went through this same harsh cleansing process back in 2011 during the opening of the 11.11.11 stargate, and it was a very emotionally intensive experience for me. This is what Eva went through during our three weeks at Light Morning, and my role in that process is a whole other chapter of this story in itself that I will likely share in another publication.

In fact, there is a lot more for me to share about Light Morning and the philosophy and history behind it, but I just wanted to give a general overview of what occurred during my trip in this article series, not an entire detailed account. I’m thinking that will be done in an expanded version of this series that will be published separately some time later this year.

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