Escaping the Matrix by Edwin Harkness Spina

Recently, I discovered Escaping the Matrix, a free ebook by author and mystic Edwin Harkness Spina, in the Apple iBookstore. The book was a light and enjoyable read, and I recommend it to others interested in receiving some free lessons on anger and stress management that also provides excellent insights into spirituality with some relatable pop culture references thrown in as well.

Spina’s tranquil voice is reminiscent of other spiritual teachers, such as Eckhard Tolle or Osho, so if you’re a fan of the Zen style of teaching, you should be right at home with this work. I even found myself reading a lot of the book aloud to myself, as if I was creating my own audiobook. It’s almost like meditative reading, as the words flow like oral lessons from an enlightened master.

I always find it interesting how you can read material on the same topics over and over again, yet when it comes from a new voice, the information appears fresh in the mind and provides further distinctions on your perception of reality. That is the sign of a successful teacher, someone who always manages to teach you something new, even when you think there is nothing left to be learned.

Escaping the Matrix can be downloaded for free at or in the Apple iBookstore for those who prefer to read on a mobile device.

7 thoughts on “Escaping the Matrix by Edwin Harkness Spina

  1. Yes! Reading materials on the same topics over and over is like trying a new food recipe (culinary dish).

    There are many “recipes” out there for the same topic and you try can taste them and see what you’ll fall in love with.

    I am sorry to say Edwin’s recipe for spirituality topics is not available in the Malaysia iBookstore… though I am curious to try (taste) it.

  2. Check out Monroe Institutes’ Journeys out of the Body and then the other two…gives you a heads up on what to expect in next few months (if you are ready).

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