Review of Return of the Aeons by Richard C. Cook

Return of the AeonsWhen author Richard C. Cook first contacted me about his new book Return of the Aeons: The Planetary Spiritual Ascension in November 2012, I sensed a strong connection with him right away and knew that we were working to accomplish the same mission.

This mission is to facilitate the process of ascension on planet Earth to fourth density green-ray consciousness as described by the social memory complex Ra in the Law of One series, one of Cook’s primary sources throughout Aeons, along with teachings from The Nine, Love Without End: Jesus Speaks, and A Course in Miracles.

With an extensive background of experience spanning several decades of working with teachings of many influential spiritual masters, such as Gurdjieff, Swami Ramdas, and Shivabaloyogi, Cook provides a credible and well-rounded presentation of the ascension process, spiritual practice, and the history of the civilization on Earth from ancient to modern times, as well as a look at what may lie ahead in the future depending on the choices we make as a collective.

Cook also provides a captivating narrative about his own journey, discussing such pivotal events in his life as working in the White House during the Jimmy Carter administration in 1979-80 and participating as a NASA whistleblower after the Challenger disaster in 1986.

Aeons is presented in a balanced and non-denominational manner covering a wide range of philosophies from all over the world, with Cook acting as merely the presenter of the different perspectives to give the reader a fair sampling of all sides of the central theme of consciousness exploration.

Many other topics, including the reformation of monetary policy, extraterrestrial disclosure, the history of Jesus Christ and other prominent wanderers, as well as plenty of practical advice for everyday life are also presented throughout the book, causing Aeons to serve as an excellent foundation, or addition, to anyone interested in the fields of spirituality and philosophy.

Lastly, Aeons serves as much more than just an entertaining read: it is a guide to self-development, and I recommend it to others regardless of your standpoint on New Age literature. This book is not just for those who are interested in spirituality; it is for everyone, and the experience of reading it from start to finish will leave you transformed. Aeons is a book designed to assist readers in progressing to the next level of consciousness beyond the third dimensional world, and in this regard, it succeeds on all levels.

Return of the Aeons is now available in paperback for $12.73 on, as well as a Kindle edition for $9.99.

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