Live Channeling Session August 14, 2012

6 thoughts on “Live Channeling Session August 14, 2012

    • Thanks Aimee for writing about soft focus in the forum post. I helps a lot.

      Soft focus helps me write my freedom visions bit by bit in my journal. I was nice for me to see them grow every day into a coherent picture like the proverbial snowball.

      • Thank you for reminding me of that. I really need to do that more often. Are you finding that it makes manifesting easier?

        Also, I love your name. It reminds me of the ocean.

        • Yes, it does make manifesting easier.

          Journal writing using free writing only makes my soft focus easier too because I can progress to the next thought more easily. I do that when I am in a bad mood and it works wonders. When my train of thought has tangles, I can always refer to those entries. I managed to clean up and combine those entries and turned them into essays.

          I noticed in your flickr photostream that you did great art despite being angry. Doing art while you are angry can act like a tranquilizer (one of the commenters said), thus making soft focus easier.

          The proof of that is I now have more courage to speak my mind to like minded people with those essays. Also, I can see myself talking to people with less internal resistance.

          • It’s so fascinating how the creative process works.. It’s definitely a co-creation kind of thing.

            Just thinking about it makes me want to paint. My art supplies are calling me..

            And I’m so glad that my notes from that lecture have helped you! I went through all these obstacles that night — I had a flat tire earlier that day and drove over an hour with a spare tire — i almost didn’t go, but I felt really driven to be there. I’m glad it was all worth it.

  1. Amazing session.

    It is a remarkable synchronicity I have addressed the topic of divide and conquer in my third essay, which is about the stagnation of human evolution.

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