Live Channeling Session August 6, 2012

6 thoughts on “Live Channeling Session August 6, 2012

      • “I think you can I know you can !” 🙂
        (Its good to know that there is a doctor in the house.)

        My background is in sales and marketing. I’m involved in renewable energy, sustainability and environmental justice issues.

        I do enjoy reading your post and the purpose of your website. It is a refreshing change from the many invitations of pornography and holiday sales offers from major retailers I receive daily. I think there is a need to bring issues about our environment to the family dinner table, but as long as large agri-business, big brother and big business in general controls the air waves via Madison Ave that need will continue to grow.

        I found your site through “The Universal Mother” It would be great to be able to view that work in entirety and others like it at a site like this. I plan to hang out here . I’m learning things, hopefully making a meaningful contribution and looking for ideas on how to build a site that reflect my values and make a difference in my community !

        Peace out.

        • Bill, it’s great to have you here, your comments are always valuable. I agree with you about bringing these types of issues to more people’s awareness, most of the time people just drone on with smalltalk rather than talking about anything more substantial. If you need any help with building a site, feel free to ask, I’d be glad to help you out.

  1. Amazing. Sums up some what I have learnt related to achiving a Freedom Earth!

    One of the things to listen to if I get lost in thoughts, an addition to my other journal writings and my essays.

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