Age is Determined by the Mind

You are the same as you were at sixteen, it is just the collective consciousness and the illusion of the physical world that makes you think differently. I’ve met twelve year-old children who are more consciously aware and mature than middle-aged adults.

Physical age is merely the calculation of the perceived time that a soul has been united with a physical body. This calculation is commonly attributed to correlate with wisdom, and while this correlation is certainly relevant, it is not accurate. Wisdom has nothing to do with age because time does not exist, thus the calculation of physical age is irrelevant. The only time that truly exists is the present moment, therefore every being is the same age.

Physical appearance is simply the internal self represented in the external world, which is why we base our initial judgments on looks. Looks are a quick way to judge a person’s current state of mind, and this is reflected in their posture, tone of voice, clothing selection, etc. The mind analyzes every detail instantaneously, and draws a conclusion based on the perceived data.

For example, if you see a frail man with gray hair and wrinkled skin walking hunched over with a cane, your mind will automatically conclude that the man is very old in age. What if that person has an accelerated aging disorder, and is actually only thirteen?

Humans are led to believe that time is what determines physical age, but it is the mind that makes the decision. The concept of aging is a human creation, and it exists due to a conscious agreement which states that over time the human body will deteriorate, and eventually die. This is an idea supported by the collective consciousness, and is therefore realized in the external world.

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