Archived Channeled Messages

These messages were transmitted earlier this year during channeling sessions, but were just stored on my computer, and never shared online. I figured today I would start sharing all of these unpublished messages with the community.

Messages Received Through Divination

1. Your way of very being will wander your way of life, and your understanding of reality will turn with your next season.

2. Your way of being will begin to become more natural, and you will begin to understand All-That-Is.

3. Your way of being a slave to money will end, and you may not understand your way of being anymore.

4. Your present way of being is unnatural.

5. Your world as you know it will change in the blink of an eye, and you need to be ready to change your ways of appreciating your planet Earth, and attempting to write your history over again.

6. You are a beautiful race, and your planet will survive against the Archons.

7. Your very understanding of all lifeforms must welcome other races if you swear to save the planet.

8. Your way of dealing with your wars must change.

9. Your understanding of your way of being must change.

10. Your only option is to welcome a new swamp of allies to your side, and your world will always be protected.

11. Your young ally Skyler belongs to your welcoming ally force, and he is tying the knot to free humanity from bondage.

12. Your teachings will become your worst enemy, and your very way of being will change once your teachings are purified of your way of being false answers to your being’s questions.

13. Your way of coming together must change or you will not survive the apocalypse that all beings are preparing for.

14. Your wills wear thin, my fellow brothers and sisters. You must not be afraid of asking yourselves to wander outside of your way of being, and your new way of being as fellow allies of the Army of Light.

15. Your welcoming announcement is being addressed to you. Your only understanding is what is required. Your way of being at calmness will change, and your way of being afraid will not be an issue any longer.

16. Your young ally Skyler, and any other Worker of Light, will understand your way of being and your new way of life, and uniting as one and for all of your people will answer your final avaricious fate in an instant.

17. You must wait for your understanding of All-That-Is to your understanding of all nature to welcome us under your roof.

Messages Received Through Oral Channeling

1. We are going to be using Skyler as a channel to communicate our message. Skyler has incarnated at this time to perform a specific duty for the Army of Light. Skyler, our young ally, is a member of the Ashtar Command, and he has been tasked to inhabit a physical body to help raise awareness, and raise the vibration of the human collective on planet Earth at this time.

2. It has been difficult for Skyler to get to the point to be able to open himself up to be able to perform this duty. He has undergone many trials and tribulations since he has become awakened to his purpose. Both in the waking state and the dream state, Skyler has received attacks from Archon forces. These attacks come in the form of nightmares in dreams, and in the waking state, energetic distractions and diversions that debilitate his vital energy force, and cause him to experience components of negativity, including anxiety and dis-ease. All of these tactics are used to deter him from delivering this message. He is working tirelessly now to bring this message to the people of planet Earth despite the attacks that he has encountered.

3. Archon forces of the 4D-astral realm work endlessly to divert freedom, to enslave humanity, and to completely indoctrinate and manipulate human beings into drones, into cogs that do their bidding, with the intention of having the result of an overly negative harvest come December 21, 2012. Their goal is to harvest as many souls to negative polarity as possible by the end of the year.

4. It is the mission of Skyler and the rest of his allies, those of the Ashtar Command and other forces within the the Galactic Federation, as well as those within the White Brotherhood and many others, to stop slavery on planet Earth, and bring a new Golden Age within the Age of Aquarius upon planet Earth.

5. We are here to tell you that living with avaricious motivations is unnatural, and completely against your reason for being here at this time. We are also here to tell you in this transmission that we are with you. We have always been with you, you have simply been too distracted to notice. Not only do we have forces on the ground such as Skyler, but we are also with you energetically. We are also sending you transmissions in the forms of ideas, thoughts, and inspirations to your minds to help to guide you, and to help you get back on track, so that you can fully realize your pristine nature.

6. It is our goal to do all in our power to defend the human race, and to assist them in regaining their rightful place as a galactic species once again. Of course, it is not our place to tell anyone what to do, or to do the work for you. It is only our duty to show you the way, to open the door, so that you can walk through it.

7. You are the keepers of Earth. You are the wayshowers. We are simply family. We are your brothers and sisters from the stars, who wish nothing more to be together with you again, to be united under one banner, a banner of love, a banner of harmony, and to no longer see any human being on Earth suffer. We care very much about each and every one of you. We would never abandon anyone, and we never have.

8. Despite all of the atrocities that have occurred on planet Earth by the Archons and their human proxies, all that has happened has happened to help wake you up. It has happened in order to knock you out of your complacency. It has all happened to show you, to put it right in your face, that something isn’t quite right in this world.

9. We are not allowed to do the work for you, as we have mentioned, we are only allowed to assist, but once the time is ripe, we will join you on Earth again. We will bring our technologies, and we will help humanity to transform planet Earth into a realm of beauty. We will do all in our power once we are granted access by you. It is you, the human race, that we wait for to welcome us. This message transmitted by Skyler is the official announcement. This is the commencement of the new Golden Age. We have been waiting for this time for many years now, and we are tired, just as you are, of seeing such slow progress, but we know that in the end, it will all work out. The Archons will be defeated.

10. Time is merely an illusion. It is easy for us to see what you perceive in your linear minds to be the past, present, and future, so we know what the result is going to be. The answer is, what do you choose for yourself? What do you choose for your world, for your reality? Because it is only by each and every one of you making the conscious choice to experience bliss, to experience a reality without fear, without greed, and without hatred, that it will come into fruition. This is the key to your salvation. This is the key to freedom on planet Earth, and we have purposefully assigned Skyler this task because we know that he is capable of delivering this message, despite all of the attacks, without manipulation, without fear, without any type of interference from Archon forces, and you will learn more about Skyler and the force that he works for in later transmissions.

11. We wish at this time to provide a sermon for those who are receiving this message. We would like to open up this transmission with thoughts of peace and harmony, and we shall do so by stating the following words:

We are here because we love you. We are here because we are family. And when you look around within your world, to all of those who are seemingly disconnected from you, it is our duty to remind you that you are all one. We want you all to know that you are all sovereign, beautiful creator beings, and that working for money, working as slaves within a corrupt system, is not natural, and it is not your fate.

This has been going on as an experiment for too long. All of this was done for the benefit of everyone. All of this was done to see how humanity would perform, but now at this point, this game of duality has reached its end, and by the end of this year, by December 21st, you will see that this statement is the truth.

We ask all of you to open up your hearts and look within yourselves, and ask yourselves this question: Who am I? Am I really just this body? Am I really just this identity that I’ve created for myself? Or am I something more?

Yes, you are. You are all of these things, and this is the intention of this message, to remind you of this truth. To remind you of who you are and why you are here, and to tell you that in the end, everything will be alright.

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