Forever Young

We are all writers, musicians, artists, athletes, and scholars. It is only our external experiences that make us forget the Truth, and cause us to stray away from our true passions. When we stay true to ourselves, happiness is the only possible outcome.

It is important that we never forget, no matter what age we become, that our inner child still exists within us. The external world makes us think that we are supposed to act a particular way, and that we are supposed to desire money, power, and material possessions, but that couldn’t be further from the Truth.

Carnal pleasures come easily to those who do not require them. The force of non-resistance provides all that man needs, but of course, it is those who desire these pleasures the most who have the toughest time attaining them.

Let the burden of power fall upon those who need it most. Let them bask in their glory and bathe in their desire, so that they can eventually learn to live without it.

Let go.

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