Living with Full Transparency

Throughout our lives, we compile a large amount of memories in our minds that forms a personalized story for each one of us. It is these stories, the individual accounts of all of our defining moments, that we use to identify who we are, where we are at in our lives, and how we perceive reality in the physical world.

When you are able to detach yourself from the past events that construct your third dimensional identify, your story, you will find ultimate freedom, because you will not be restricted by the perspective of reality that you held in the past.

Each moment is a new opportunity to redefine yourself, and when you express yourself with full transparency, your ability to manifest the reality that you desire becomes much more powerful, since you are living without past expectations.

It is this state of being, the mentality of living in the present moment, that is natural for human beings, but due to the fear-based conditioning that is prevalent throughout contemporary society, the human collective has become disconnected from this state, and enslaved by lower density thought forms.

Through the process of ascension, the human race will expand its collective consciousness, and transcend the lower density thought forms that have served to dumb down and control the masses generation after generation. This is the purpose of spiritual practice, to free yourself from the bonds of conformity, and allow the superficial story of your life in the Matrix to no longer define you.

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