No More Living Scared

At this juncture in the ascension process, you will notice it no longer works for you to carry on living a lie, a superficial ego-oriented life. It will be blatantly obvious when you or someone else is disconnected from Source, and there will be much friction for those who are still in the beginning stages of this process.

This means all of the unnatural fear-based actions you are taking in your life will become fully apparent to you, whether it’s going to a job you hate, staying in an unhealthy relationship, or settling for less in any other way, and your Higher Self will no longer allow these actions to continue occurring in your reality.

You are becoming reconnected with your divine self, the true essence of your very being that is fully powerful and free to manifest the reality you desire. You will find your thoughts are now manifesting into the physical world at an even greater capacity, and obsolete thought patterns are being eliminated.

Living in fear of being honest about who you are will no longer be a problem for you, since you will be functioning at a higher level of consciousness according to optimal energetic standards that transcend all lower density thought forms.

In other words, the obstacles (fear-based thought forms) that were previously hindering your creative potential and consciousness development will no longer affect you, since you will be functioning at a higher level that transcends them.

Evidence of the truth of this statement will become available more and more as you progress throughout the remainder of this year, and your desired reality will gradually manifest itself right before your eyes at a greater pace than ever before.

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