Superheroes in Disguise

How is it that so many people can be so blind to what stands right in front of them? When the plight for self-serving interests, such as money, recognition, and security have become the primary goals for the majority of citizens, how can we possibly expect to advance forward in our spiritual evolution as a species?

The answer lies in the hands of the lightworkers. Many of us have incarnated with a higher awareness of our divine nature, as well as with greater access to extra-sensory abilities like telepathy. This intuitive understanding of the universe and the ascension mission that we find ourselves on is our trump card in this game of duality, as it allows us to see the world with a clear perspective.

Like superheroes in disguise, we take residence among the people of Earth in human bodies, knowing deep inside that we are so much more. We have these abilities, this perspective that no one else understands, yet we are still here in this reality having to deal with the ignorance that lurks around every corner.

This is our blessing and our curse, having the ability to see through the illusion, but still being subjected to the limitations of physical reality. We are here to achieve victory over the cabal, but just like any other war, the soldiers must endure the hardships of battle, and trudge through the mud in the trenches.

This has been my experience throughout this incarnation: a soldier of light descending from the comforts of the higher realms, volunteering my skills and leadership to a greater cause, freedom for the people of planet Earth. This is what I have come here to accomplish, and by this divine decree, it shall be so.

2 thoughts on “Superheroes in Disguise

  1. I’ve often thought of this, too ……. we are like resistance workers parachuted into an occupied country, aren’t we? We can speak the language, we have the clothes; we try to blend in with the natives, but the locals sense we’re not one of them, and are mistrustful of us. Sometimes our radio receivers malfunction, and then we’re *really* isolated – alone in enemy country, hoping that our allies, the forces of light, are making progress and that the war will end soon! 😀
    And without us on the ground, the war could not have been won.


    • Yes, in fact, I think I just mentioned this same type of metaphor to someone recently describing lightworkers. It’s very much the allegorical scrappy resistance fighters versus the large and organized bureaucratic army, and while we may seem small and unimportant, we are the only ones standing between complete totalitarian control.

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