A Grassroots Movement

For too long now, every facet of our world has been infiltrated with corruption, and the time has come for the people of Earth to turn the tables. Major issues such as war, hunger, homelessness, and poverty still run rampant, and we must take a stand.

The purpose of Freedom Earth is to create a world that works for everyone, and through our shared passion and desire for freedom, we will succeed. The question is, how are we going to get there, and when will it happen?

Some people think that electing the right leaders in government is the answer, but I disagree. Others think that arresting the criminal cabal, or reforming the financial system is the answer, but I disagree.

The only way that we can truly achieve freedom on planet Earth is through the unification of the people. We must stand together against corruption, and strictly enforce the highest standard of values that we hold for ourselves.

No longer can we sit back and watch while others suffer. No longer can we fail to take action when corrupt politicians issue false statutes that limit our liberties. No longer can we allow our children to be indoctrinated into systems designed to crush their dreams and destroy their spirits.

Planet Earth is our home, and we will not go out without a fight. Freedom Earth does not belong to any single individual, it is an idea for everyone, and just like Batman, it cannot be destroyed, because it is more than human, it is a symbol. Freedom is our birthright, and that is why we cannot fail. Freedom is ours for the taking, we simply need to step out of fear, and seize it.

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