Dimensions Explained

In response to my previous post, The Law of New Earth, a reader commented that the ideas presented in the post seemed rather impractical, and I replied that this reaction is not unusual, since the ideas represent existence in 5D, not 3D & 4D simultaneously.

The reader asked for further clarification regarding my perception of the different dimensional realities, and I provided an explanation that I think will clear up a lot of confusion for those who may not completely understand this concept. Below was my response.

Let’s look at the game of chess as an example to describe my perspective of the different dimensions:

  • 3D includes the physical aspects of the game, such as the chess board, pieces, and table.
  • 4D includes the mental aspects of the game, such as the rules, strategies, and communications.
  • 5D includes the spiritual aspects of the game, such as abstract thinking, creativity, and emotions.

When you’re experiencing 5D frequency, you feel as if you’re one with your environment, like when you’re in the dream state, and you can create anything that you desire with your imagination. You’re completely living in the moment, and in coordination with your light/etheric body. Achieving this state of existence is what spirituality is all about.

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