Peaceful Noncompliance

How does one defeat a system that is so intricately designed, brilliantly perfected, that the majority of people who live within it are not only unable to escape it, but are not even aware that it exists in the first place?

The Matrix is an insidious and deceptive program that has been purposefully designed to function as a prison for the mind, manipulating human beings at every turn in order to maintain control of their power and gradually depopulate the human race.

Whether it’s through money, entertainment, sex, drugs, or fast food, mankind has become so disconnected from its spiritual nature, and allowed so much corruption to infect its infrastructure, that the future of the human race has become jeopardized.

Peaceful noncompliance is an effective method in neutralizing the clutch of the Matrix and eliminating the unhealthy and unnatural fear-based mindset that has been indoctrinated into every human being since birth.

Making the conscious decision to no longer invest energy into negative habits is the fast-track to success, and each individual doing their part and taking responsibility for their actions is monumental in paving the way to freedom.

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