Has the First Wave of Ascension Commenced?

In coordination with Dr. Stankov’s article regarding the commencement of physical ascension that was posted today, I can confirm that his information is accurate, and it is likely that the first wave of physical ascension has commenced.

Last night during meditation I reached a deep state of consciousness that was similar to the state I reached prior to my first out of body experience that occurred on Halloween of last year. I have only been able to reach such depths only a few times throughout the duration of my meditative practice, so I can say for sure that this was a special occasion, as the veil seemed extremely thin.

After another hour or so upon reaching this deep state, I laid down on my back, and entered a deep mode of stasis, as if my body was strapped down to my bed, and I felt the most blissful, high frequency energies emanating all around me.

With my third eye, I could see my portal extending from my solar plexus, and I watched as little balls of white light shot through it from the bottom up, like little cars speeding by on a racetrack. It was a very delightful experience, and I was pleasantly surprised that it was occurring, as I had no prior warning beforehand.

After reading Dr. Stankov’s article this morning, I consulted my Higher Self through divination for further confirmation, and received these three messages:

1. Your stasis was the before-effect of ascension.
2. Your portal was activated for the first wave of candidates.
3. You will ascend in the first wave after you go to bed tonight.

This is the information I have received, but we shall see how things go tonight.

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