Earth Journal April 30, 2014

Here are some thoughts that struck me today. Nothing new, but always fun to talk about:

The Perception of Time

What keeps us trapped in the Matrix is our perception of linear time. It’s not the physical world itself that holds us back–that’s just the development environment we work in–it’s the perception (belief) that we are perpetually advancing forward through time, thus aging closer to our potential death dates without any control over our own mortality.

In other words, we are enslaved by our own indoctrinated feelings of existential angst. Without the experience of “seeing behind the curtain”, people can only know what they see right in front of their eyes–the immediate modern culture imposed upon them by society–the unwritten social rules and routines that turn the magic of life into a linear rat race.

What Kills Human Beings?

A person’s health degrades according to their choices, habits, and beliefs. Like water from a river constantly skimming over a rock, we erode ourselves with our negative patterns.

For example, I know a man who is 61 years old, overweight, and stricken with disease, ready to drop dead at any moment, and yet I know another man who is 68 years old and has the health and vitality of a man in his 20’s. So what sets these two men apart?

The 61-year-old lacks of love with women, has no passion for his work (it’s just a way to pay the bills), eats nothing but junk food, gambles frequently, has had the same group of friends his entire adult life, watches TV in his spare time, and has no real desire to live.

The 68-year-old has been happily married for many years, loves the work that he does, eats healthy food from his own garden that he decorated with glow decoration accessories that he gets online, reads books and literature in his spare time (doesn’t even own a TV), meets new people all the time, and has an absolute lust for life.

I’m not making this comparison to judge these people–neither lifestyle is right or wrong–I’m simply laying out the facts to provide an objective example. So who do you think will end up living longer? Of course, anything can happen in life, but putting extraordinary circumstances aside, the answer is obvious that it will probably be the 68-year-old.

Is Death a Choice?

People live exactly as long as they believe is possible for them. This belief is based on several factors, such as their worldview, lifestyle, past experiences, priorities, habits, and levels of mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional development. Technology and medicine certainly come into play as well, but I don’t think they’re as much of a factor, because healthy people simply don’t need help from external sources to take care of themselves.

Hollywood Romance vs. Unconditional Love

In Hollywood movies and TV shows we see the same stereotypical romantic stories told over and over again. As children, we are shown Disney movies involving princes and princesses chasing each other all around–the lure of forbidden love. It is drilled into our minds that we need to be “in love” to be happy and successful. But is it the relationship itself that makes two people happy, or is each person already in harmony by themselves?

As long as we try to compare ourselves to other people, whether it’s our parents or peers, we’re relinquishing our own individuality. While we all share the same world stage, each one of us is here to play our own game. This perception will help you to remain objective while pursuing your personal endeavors as well as dealing with others along the way.

Earth Journal February 24, 2014

Here are the notes that I took during a meditation session today. I suggest to take these ideas merely as a starting point to develop your own philosophy and unlock/discover greater depths of understanding within yourself, rather than adopting them outright.

  1. All suffering is legitimate.
  2. Suffering is inevitable as long as there is lack of harmony/equilibrium between man and nature.
  3. All suffering is a result of disconnection from nature/spirit.
  4. Spirit = Nature
  5. It is said that negative human behavior (violence, greed, etc.) is human nature, but it is really only disconnected human nature
  6. Suffering is the cause of all disease.
  7. Disease = Disharmony
  8. Mastery is being at one’s highest level of consciousness., and is completely neutral without disease.
  9. A master is an individual who is able to achieve his or her highest level of consciousness on command, and maintain that state of being as long as required or even all the time, depending on their goals.
  10. In a state of mastery one is connected with nature, and thus acts naturally.
  11. A master is a natural at what they are a master of. For example, a master actor is so good at acting that they appear completely natural, as if they are not even acting at all.
  12. Suffering = Disease
  13. Your suffering is your guide to self-development. By transmuting suffering, you are neutralizing disease from your bodies.
  14. There are multiple bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), all of which need to be properly purified to function at the highest level.
  15. When you pray, you allow yourself to be the prey of astral (thought form) entities, i.e. you give your power away to other entities outside of yourself. This is the fault of religion. It teaches people to externalize their power to thought forms, such as Jesus Christ or Hindu gods. This is detrimental because it removes responsibility of the transmutation process from the individual to another entity, i.e. Jesus will heal your sins, rather than handling the problems yourself.
  16. Transmutation is a painstaking process. It is done by allowing your suffering to surface, and literally crying/sweating it out by sitting with it and thinking about it deeply until the emotional charge is neutralized. If you do not transmute your suffering, it will cause you much stress, and thus disease. This is what kills people, and is why the human life span is so short. People don’t know how to properly heal themselves, although referring back to #2, suffering will never end until equilibrium is achieved.
  17. Truth = Nature
  18. The truth is neutral. It cuts hard and swift like a sword.
  19. Truth can only be objective. Anything subjective, such as a person’s opinion of a movie, is a belief.
  20. Nature is the natural condition of things. It is without opinion or basis. It just is.
  21. The only way to advance spiritually is by clearing veils, which involves passing trials of suffering, fear, and egoic death.
  22. The more times you die (egoically), the more advanced you will become, thus those who are the most advanced are those with the most experience, especially at failure.
  23. Those who are the most evolved possess the most updated beliefs that allow them the greatest access to power and freedom.
  24. Is money important? It is not nothing, but it is not everything either.
  25. Phony (conditional) love is golden like a piece of jewelry but ultimately has no intrinsic value. Unconditional love is a source of amplification, and a catalyst of change/transformation.
  26. Conditional love is an emotion, and it is fleeting, much like success, whereas unconditional love is a feeling or state of being.
  27. You learn a lot more from suffering than love, much like failure and success, although both are valuable experiences, because they track progress of one’s current status in a trial. A trial can be anything that provides experience, ranging from a romantic relationship to an actual court trial.
  28. Why do we incarnate into physicality? It is a way to simulate experiences in an intensive manner in order to catalyze spiritual growth, much like acting in a play.
  29. We are all actors pretending to be human beings. We’re all really just one macrocosmic entity (God/spirit/nature) splitting into microcosmic physical forms.
  30. Spiritual development can be measured in frequency or vibration of thought. The higher the state of consciousness, the quicker and more powerful a person’s creative capabilities (ability to manifest thoughts into physical form) will be.
  31. What is density? Density is level of consciousness, which is determined by how many veils one has cleared. An open-minded person will be able to access less dense (more abstract) ideas.
  32. The more one is aware of the macrocosmic nature of existence and it’s subsequent levels, the higher his or her level of consciousness will be.
  33. What is a collective? A group of microcosmic entities that together form a macrocosmic entity, a singular voice that determines reality. This is why the most powerful (most energized) ideas win (manifest), because humanity is a collective.
  34. Influence = Power
  35. Power = The ability to manifest thoughts/ideas

Earth Journal July 18, 2013

Ultimately, everyone on this planet is a victim to the Orion system, whether they like it or not. So how do most people cope with it? They ignore the urging of their souls to commit themselves to the LBP, and instead live hedonistic lifestyles as consumers, constantly seeking to upgrade their statuses on the physical plane.

New Agers have their own brand of making excuses for their lack of accountability, and it is usually through a false pretense of fluffy love and light. They quote one-liners from Eckhart Tolle or other popular gurus and claim that there is nothing wrong on this planet, despite the obvious slavery that pervades them everywhere, and they continue to repeat their intention on love without even knowing what it really is, let alone practicing it themselves.

So what the heck is this thing called love, then?

Love is honesty and self awareness. It is the eternal essence of the soul, the warrior’s spirit, not the romantic BS Hollywood spews out every other week. It is the knowing within yourself that you are an infinite, sovereign being, and having the courage to stand up for what you know is right no matter what the cost.

So the reason I bring this up is because I want to make it clear that the cabal is not our enemy. They are members of the human family just like everyone else, and while it is important that they receive their due of karma, we must strive to bring them back home into the light, not blindly hate them for what they have done in the past.

This is not an us versus them situation; this is about combating the agents of fear that have corrupted our brothers and sisters and disconnected them from the light. We are battling an energetic force that is destroying our planet, and the only way to defeat it is to stop energizing it ourselves—that is why we are here. It’s not about getting a good job and moving up in the world; that is the temptation of the dark side that contributes to this materialistic slavery.

Life is about self development, and we use this physical experience to role-play with one another. Of course, there are times when we forget that we are simply role-playing, and we take things said or done personally.

While the daily experience should be taken seriously, it is vital that we remain self aware and maintain a sense of cosmic humor as we proceed. This is one of the main issues in modern society—the inability to remain aware of the illusory nature of the ego. We make it all up internally, and whenever someone else projects their own beliefs onto that idea in a way that is different from our own, we tend to take it personally, rather than actually listening to the words that were said.

This is why learning how to be an open listener is such an important skill. Even if someone is saying something that you disagree with, you can still effectively make use of their words and integrate them into your own knowledge and character.

Earth Journal February 26, 2013

The purpose of life in the incarnated state is simply to experience life as an individual aspect (microcosm) of Source connected with nature (macrocosm).

When you eliminate all subjectivity (egoic thought) and perceive 3D reality from an objective standpoint, it is apparent that all individual creations simply perform the tasks required in order to maintain existence.

This conclusion is the same for all individual creations, human beings or other animals, the difference for humans being that the egoic mind contorts objective existence into something subjective.

In other words, the ego adds an emotional filter to everything based on the individual’s characteristics (worldview, upbringing, past experiences, etc.) which makes human beings very susceptible to distraction and manipulation.

This is how the forces who desire control of this world have managed to effectively disrupt the stability of the human populace, even to the point of destroying the family unit.

This is why there are so many broken families in modern culture, and keep in mind I’m only referring to the technocratic, empirical societies like in the big cities of the USA. Other tribal and (what modern society calls) primitive societies have maintained the solidarity of the family unit because they have not been corrupted by the dark influence of modern culture.

People in modern societies have been purposely indoctrinated into a mindset based on superficial material/monetary status, disconnected from higher consciousness thinking and what we call the bigger picture, the macrocosmic/universal awareness that all is Source and there is no separation.

This is the primary difference between those who are awakened and those who are not, or still stuck in the Matrix as we like to say, and is exactly why Earth is in such a disharmonic state at this time.

Of course this is nothing new, as people have been repeating this like a broken record for decades now, yet progress seems so slow. This stagnation is another aspect of the indoctrination by the dark forces to maintain control of the populace.

Through numbers and language people are imprisoned in the illusory mind construct of linear time, which along with egoic social expectations creates a very stressful existence for most people. Throw in more emotional manipulation through the entertainment industry and advertising, plus toxins in food, water, and daily use products and it is very easy to see how people have become so toxic, unhealthy, and disconnected from their natural state.

Another point I’d like to address goes back to my first statement regarding the objective purpose of life. Modern society has been manipulated to think that personal happiness and success is the most important thing in life, and once again this is simply a function of the dualistic egoic mind reinforced by the outlets of the dark forces. This may be tough for some people to comprehend, but let me explain further how this belief system is destructive.

Happiness is subjective and dualistic in nature, therefore a person can either be happy or unhappy at any given time. Since a person’s happiness (which is egoic in the first place) is based on his or her emotional filter, it is very easy to be pushed one way or another based on the surrounding environment, which in the case of modern society is typically an environment that is unnatural and bombarded by dark influence.

Most people truly have no idea how deep this dark system has been ingrained into society. If one simply looks at the major corporate logos you will see the pentagram being used as a portal (based on sacred geometry) to influence subliminal disconnection from Source and devotion to Saturn (Satan being the personified form of this astrological energy).

All of the sports teams are branded to invoke devotion to their respective corporate/Satanic entities and related archetypes, all reinforced through uniformity (to replace a natural family with a superficial one) and designed to manipulate people emotionally so that they will give their energy away to a specific team (corporate/Satanic entity) and grow its power further.

This may as well be called sheep herding, because this is exactly what is going on when people choose to participate in these energetic rituals called sports events or any other major corporate/Satanic event like the Oscars or a presidential election, for example.

If the people of Earth want to take their planet back they must start by becoming aware of their energetic investments and stop buying into the deception of pop culture.

Am I saying everyone has to move into a temple and live like a monk? Well, that would be nice, but obviously that’s unrealistic. I’m only suggesting that people make an effort to focus more on activities that expand their consciousness rather than keep it at the same place or debase it.

The more time one spends connected with Source and his or her own divine nature, the more enlightened he or she will become and be able to share that vibration with others for the benefit of all.

So if the objective purpose of incarnated life is simply to exist in the natural state, the pursuit of happiness can only lead one so far until it is realized that the carrot on the end of the stick can never be reached, since it is illusory in the first place.

Earth Journal February 4, 2013

So it appears I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been feeling quite apathetic about humanity lately, and this is due to alienation, which in my case as a Sirian star seed is the literal truth.

I of course have had to deal with feeling alienated throughout this entire incarnation, although it was much more difficult to deal with when I was younger, since I had not awakened yet, and no one else had any idea either.

This alienation has caused me to make certain decisions that humans perceive to be linked with depression, but this has never been the case.

I was an athlete growing up, and there were several times when I quit sports teams even though I was a top performer. I simply could not stand to be around others who displayed aggressive behavior and focused so much on the dualistic aspect of sports—winning versus simply playing to have a beneficial experience.

I have very little tolerance for immature behavior, and it seems the majority of humans in America are still very immersed in aggressive activities that mainly involve debauchery and dualistic competition, especially of the physical nature.

Of course where this leads me to next is the recent Super Bowl. Even as a Baltimore native (the Baltimore Ravens were the victors), it was impossible for me to participate in this type of event knowing it is merely a mass Satanic ritual, an energetic feast for the dark cabal that is still in control of this planet.

It was painful for me to see so many others participating in this modernized gladiatorial event like sheep, branding themselves with jerseys of their favorite false idol corporate employees, many of them being members of secret societies and criminals who have been let off the hook due to their wealth and status.

Even with that aspect aside, the mere capitalism of it all is abhorrent, and if the obvious demonic ritual half-time show by the Illuminati pawn Beyonce wasn’t enough to wake people up, I don’t even want to fathom what more it would take.

It is impossible for me to watch mainstream media and not see the obvious dark influence behind it all, but it seems most others are still caught up in the illusion, and at this point I really do not care. This is not out of hatred or racism, but simply objective understanding that people will wake up when they are ready.

I have learned long ago there is no saving anyone; there is only serving as a wayshower and opening the door for others if they ask you to.

Just like in Star Trek, the prime directive is not to interfere with the development of another species, and in this case, it is not my place to interfere with the free will of the human species.

As a star seed I am here as an emissary of light, and my role along with facilitating the process of ascension on planet Earth is to share my experiences living among humans with the Sirian collective.

It can be said this job is similar to that of an anthropologist, and of course there is no better way to gather data than to live among the indigenous populace, but as I mentioned earlier, it comes with the cost of being isolated from home.

While I do get homesick at times, I was selected for this duty because I am good at working independently and remaining unemotional—and this doesn’t mean lacking compassion, it simply means remaining objective in order to perform the task at hand.

Here are some notes I received from a download today:

The function of the ego is to provide a subjective perspective for the avatar (incarnated entity). The ego complements the avatar.

The ego is the character of the avatar. It is the package of traits that define the avatar. It is the subjective perspective of the avatar.

To function detached from ego is to function from an objective perspective.

The purpose of having an ego is to provide an individual experience for an avatar.

What is considered human, besides the biological characteristics, is to have an ego. This is why people say humans are imperfect, they make mistakes, etc., because it is only through ego, subjective perspective, that one can view themselves as imperfect, as separate from Source.

The real problem on Earth is that people confuse their ego with their soul. This is why so many people are superficial and care so much about their physical appearance and impressing others. It is this disconnection that creates division, thus inequality and the perpetuation of a class system.

Earth Journal November 14, 2012

All of reality is composed of thought forms. When you are able to perceive this concept clearly, you are able to view life from a higher vantage point, since you are able to choose which thoughts you want to exist within your consciousness.

This does not mean negative thought forms cease to exist altogether; that is impossible, since creation cannot be destroyed. It simply means you do not allow debilitating thoughts to reside within your field, and if they do, you expel them.

Think of it like this: If you take a leaf off the ground, you clearly see that it exists in the physical realm, because you can sense it. This is the most dense form of matter, and if you grind it up into a powder, then it becomes even less dense, and if you burn it, once it evaporates, what happens to it? It becomes even less dense. Just like a deceased human, that leaf still exists, but in a less dense plane, the thought plane. It still exists as an idea regardless of it being physical or not.

This example is the blueprint for all creation that makes up reality, and at all times we decide which thoughts we want to invoke. Over time we can even build up ideas so strongly that they materialize in the physical plane. It takes personal willpower to do this, more or less depending on the scope of the idea, and this works in exactly the same way for both positive and negative manifestations.

If you are stressed out, eventually that stress will materialize as disease in the body. It’s the same with attracting abundance. If you are constantly emitting thought forms of abundance, that is what will materialize in physical reality.

What tends to happen is we become stagnant from living repetitive lifestyles which block flow and cause disease in the body. Constant restrictive thoughts of fear debilitate the mind and body and are the reason for dissatisfaction in life.

We build up certain thought forms over time and get stuck within the constraints of these thoughts which keep us bound to lower levels of consciousness. The advice of “think happy thoughts” has been so overused over time that we have become desensitized to this advice, making it no longer useful for the most part.

Open communication with other people or simply with the universe is the most effective method of therapy, although speaking with others can be destructive to them as well, so it must be done only if the proper preparation has been taken.

It is best to avoid all negative thought forms altogether simply by not putting yourself in environments that include them. This means not going to places with unconscious people, not listening to aggressive music, not watching television programs that perpetuate unconsciousness and lock you into that state of being, etc. It is easy to become addicted to these types of activities, because they are designed to be immersive, indulge the senses, and create emotional attachment.

When it comes to the question of which television programs are safe to watch, while the highest quality programs tend to be the most dramatic and include high levels of turmoil, stress, violence, and aggressive behavior, they also portray the full range of emotions and provide relatable depictions of peak experiences.

Since there are both pros and cons to the argument of the risks of watching television, it is tough to give a clear-cut answer to this question, because it is ultimately up to the viewer to decide if there is more value in experiencing the traumas depicted in the events of the programs for the benefit of education, or if the negativity expressed therein is too detrimental and should be avoided.

Regardless, from a clinical standpoint, I will always recommend avoiding all negativity, but in the case of entertainment, there is a desire to expand the consciousness, so the bottom line is exploration into darkness from a safe distance is acceptable if the being is mentally prepared to process the trauma.

Of course, the trauma will still affect the psyche regardless of preparation; it is simply impossible for it not to. This is only such a debate, because when it comes to the exploration and expansion of the mind, it is vital to gain as much experience as possible, but the question is, at what cost to personal health?

If the reason for watching a program that contains violent behavior is for education, how long does it take to learn the lesson? Is the lesson, in fact, not to watch violent programs? That’s what I wonder. Does one need to watch pornography in order to learn the detriments of watching pornography?

If there was no lesson to learn, would these outlets still be explored in the first place? If you have a healthy sex life, would you still have a need to watch porn? The desire derives from the personal dissatisfaction of not being free, not being fulfilled, so we settle for watching others act out our fantasies instead.

This is what we do; we externalize our desires when we are unfulfilled. We watch porn when we can’t have sex. We watch television when we can’t experience adventure. We always say it’s fine in moderation, which means it’s fine as long as there is no attachment, but is this a cop-out, an excuse to go to the dark side?

What if you’re consciously doing something that is not healthy for you, yet you continue to do it anyway? We tend to fall into this trap, because the impulsive action typically provides a sense of instant gratification, a quick fix to a problem, and it becomes hard to reverse it once a habit is formed, a mental addiction.

So here’s the litmus test: If you were existing in your most divine state, would you still allow these habits to exist in your life? Would you still allow yourself to watch violent television programs? Would you allow your children, if you had children, to be subjected to them, as well? The answer is for you to decide.

Earth Journal November 12, 2012

We have now begun our journey through the 2012 11.11 stargate. What wisdom do you have to share with the human collective at this time?

There is no obligation to do anything. Everything is in divine order. You are now coming into your own as ascended masters, and linear time is dissipating as the timelines converge. All obsolete 3D thought patterns and habits are gradually falling to the wayside. In other words, you are transcending the old matrix built upon fear-based influences, such as the need for money, comfort, or to fit in with the rest of society.

You are also moving away from lower density vibrations, whether it be other people, environments, or media programs. The wheat is being separated from the chaff, and no longer will you allow yourself to conform, settle for less, or go against your best interests in order to satisfy the ego or status quo ideals, because this is how you’ve been conditioned over the years. You’ve been reinforced through the various facets of society to conform to a particular way of thinking that is superficial and degenerative rather than beneficial and authentic.

It is not natural to work specifically for the purpose of acquiring money. Money is merely a tool that can be used for trade in the same way that food or art or anything else can be used for trade, and when the ego chimes in, “Yeah, that’s all well and good, but how am I supposed to accomplish anything in this world without money?” we remind you that the physical world is an illusion.

Only a being who is disconnected from the higher truth of the matter would be desperate for material gain, because they think the amount of money they have determines how wealthy they are. True wealth only comes from the gratification of doing service to others. This means expending your energy on actions that work to improve the situation of this world and the lives of others.

It is not what you are doing that is important, it is why you are doing it, the purpose that is driving you that really matters. It is a question of knowing where your conscious intention lies. Are you working at a particular job only for the reason of making enough money to survive? But why would you need to put effort into survival when you are already immortal?

This is where most people get stuck, because this concept is completely opposite from how you’ve been conditioned. You’re so used to worrying about survival that you forget you are already surviving. You’re so used to worrying about your well-being that you forget you are already doing well in this moment.

It’s this constant pushing and pulling between the past and future timelines that keeps you from being present in the moment. You spend so much time wishing you were somewhere else, but it does you no good, because you will always be exactly where you are supposed to be.

This does not mean it is worthless to have dreams and aspirations. It simply means to be conscious of how you are directing your intention when you are stepping into other timelines. In other words, it comes down to being conscious of whether your thoughts are constructive or destructive. Constructive thoughts are progressive, while destructive thoughts are stagnant.

Always being open to new ideas is essential to consciousness development. Remaining static in your perspective does not cultivate growth, so you must be able to remain objective, and allow ideas to be dropped once they become obsolete. This is the way of the progressive thinker. Those who become caught up in rigid beliefs, dogmas, close themselves off to alternative ideals, and hinder their opportunity to expand.

A useful way to perceive life is like going to the movie theater. You are always there with different people, because you are always transitioning into different phases of life. Each movie is a new experience, an adventure, and while you cannot change how the story has been written, it is up to you to decide how you want to perceive the events that unfold.

Sometimes the movie’s sad, sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s dramatic or even scary, but it all comes down to how you feel in the moment, and once it’s over, although you have a new memory to reflect on and share with others, there is nothing left to do but wait until the next one comes out to move forward.

Because this is what life is all about: experiences. Everything is orchestrated to provide the experiences that you signed up to encounter before you incarnated on this planet. There are no mistakes, there is no missing your chance, there is only repeating scenarios under different circumstances in order to gain the experiences that you were contracted to complete.

Just like the metaphor of going to the movie theater, if you didn’t understand the movie or you walked out early, you didn’t complete the experience, therefore you will either have to watch the same movie again or watch a different one that provides an experience that satisfies the same criteria as the previous one.

This is how levels of progression are determined, and why physical age is irrelevant. Maturity has to do with experience, not with physical age, and while it is only logical that older people have had more time to complete their contracted experiences, this does not necessarily mean that they have done so quicker than those who are physically younger than them.

This is what we’re referring to when we talk about the acceleration of consciousness development, the shift that is occurring on planet Earth at this time. People are completing their contracted experiences much faster now, and they are waiting for others who are lagging behind to complete their personal development work so that society can begin moving forward to the next stage.

It is this lag time that is causing the delays in the ascension process, but it is only a matter of time until the required energetic threshold is reached. People are being pushed by their souls to complete their contracts by the December deadline so that they can qualify for positive harvest, and the new energies are compounding each day, so the light is increasing, making it easier for people to wake up and move forward in their personal development.

For those who have completed their work and are waiting for the next call to action, our advice is to remain patient, and take time to enjoy yourself as much as you can in these last days before the December deadline.

Earth Journal October 16, 2012

With the completion of the 10.10 portal came your entrance into your new timeline. You are now seeing with your own eyes that the previous state of being that you had been working under throughout your life is no longer relevant to your experience, and has been rendered obsolete.

Similar to visiting one of your old schools, you may still be walking through the same halls and classrooms that you experienced in the past, but something feels different, and it is not that the setting has changed, it is that you have transformed internally, therefore your outlook on life has changed.

You have reached the next level of your maturity now, and become more clear and focused on your function as a sovereign creator being to utilize the gift of free will in order to manifest the reality that you desire.

It is in this realization, that you do have the ability to manifest the life of your dreams, that you will find true freedom, and open yourself up to your divine purpose to express yourself as a being of light and manifest heaven on earth.

When you analyze those last words heaven on earth, it becomes apparent that the goal is not to leave this planet or abandon existence in physicality. The purpose of this mission is to transform the society of Earth on the ground to a place of purity, safety, compassion, love, equality, and freedom.

In other words, we did not incarnate here simply to leave before this job is done. We are soldiers of light, and we are here to fight this war on the ground, to eliminate the forces of darkness that control this world, and transition planet Earth to a state of balance and prosperity once again.

This ascension job does not have to come with so much hardship and struggle. It is merely a matter of keeping things in perspective and maintaining a positive mindset during each day. It is easy to become disgruntled, agitated, jaded, but these states of being do nothing to help you progress forward in your own life and contribute to completing this mission.

At this point, you may be wondering how it is possible for us to complete such a daunting task in ascending this planet. Well, the game plan is actually pretty simple, and it does not involve any type of rioting, protesting, or violence. All that must happen to complete this mission is for a critical mass of humans to choose the path of service-to-others, and work to manifest their own individual dreams based on peace and harmony in their own lives.

Once this is accomplished, the rest of the changes will naturally manifest, and the evolution of the planet to a state of freedom will come into fruition gradually. So it is not important to worry about how or when this process of transition is going to occur. It is only important to focus on purifying your own mind and body and doing all you can to assist others in raising their own vibration.

So what should be done when it comes to accomplishing the necessities of daily life? Obviously the financial system is still intricately entwined in the process of creation, so how do we allow ourselves to continue investing our energy into this system when we know that it is unbalanced, inefficient, and manipulated?

The answer lies in pursuing abundance from the perspective of spirit rather than material. This means focus your conscious intention on manifesting your desired reality from the fulcrum of energizing the space of being that you wish to inhabit, not from the perspective of meeting a particular financial goal.

It’s important to remember that money is merely a physical representation of energy, and holds no power without conscious agreement. So just to reiterate, it is more beneficial to pursue abundance from the perspective of its pure state, spirit, rather than allowing the illusion of physicality to distract your efforts.

Lastly, the best way to approach manifesting your desired reality is to take one step at a time. Visualize your desired outcome, and break it down into small goals that you can easily accomplish. Whenever you try to approach the entire goal all at once, you become overwhelmed by the scope of the final outcome, and it makes things much more difficult to move forward.

So whenever you find yourself overwhelmed in a place of fear, remember to take a moment to breathe, refocus your efforts on smaller goals, and take one step forward at a time. Although the final product may not manifest overnight, when you approach creation from this standpoint, the end result will grow gradually, and before you know it you’ll find yourself living the life of your dreams.

Earth Journal September 24, 2012

At this point, it is my understanding that until December we are only to expect further energetic upgrades at peak alignments in the same manner as the previous three quarters of the year, not a separate ascension process altogether.

In other words, what we’ve been deeming the cosmic ascension of the PAT is only to be seen as a separate process from planetary ascension in the same way that it would not make sense to lump the graduation of doctoral students with the graduation of elementary school students, as most adults have the spiritual comprehension of a child (and that’s even an insult to most children ;)).

This is how much further ahead the PAT, the individuals on the ground most advanced in the light body process and consciousness development, are from the rest of humanity, who are not even aware of such metaphysical concepts, let alone developed in the associated practices.

This probably sounds elitist to anyone who does not fall within the category of the PAT, but this is my honest opinion of the situation, and it serves no one to be anything other than completely frank about it.

So, it is technically not inaccurate to say that the ascension of the PAT, and the ascension of the rest of humanity in general, is imminent, since the process is always progressing gradually with new upgrades being installed every month until the big bang at the end of the year.

This is what our intuitive sources have been telling us the entire time. Yes, ascension is imminent, because we’re moving closer to it every day, but that does not mean it is going to occur tomorrow, next week, or next month.

We’ve had our deadline since the beginning, December 21st, and that is the only date that really matters from here on out, and even that is just another marker.

The point is, it’s not important to focus on deadlines for ascension as if it’s a scheduled event. Doing so is manipulating a process that is supposed to be spontaneous and effortless, not something that you try to analyze and plan out.

So how do you judge your own progress?

You see where you are in your own life. What type of environment are you living in? What kind of company are you keeping? How healthy is your lifestyle? What habits form your routine? How happy are you overall? What are your energy investments?

These are the questions that are more important to be asking yourself, not worrying about whether or not we are going to ascend according to a predicted schedule.

Earth Journal September 14, 2012

This week has been another one of those periods where I’ve been struck by bouts of fatigue each day, usually in the afternoon. By now it’s become routine for me, like a signal from my Higher Self that it’s time for more training in the altered states. Thankfully, these days the fatigue is not joined with anxiety like earlier in the year, and the sessions always turn out to be productive and quite blissful.

Earlier in the week during one of these sessions I found myself in a half-asleep half-awake state, lying down on my back on the couch in the afternoon as the sun shone through the windows in the living room, and I heard a voice coming from the kitchen, a female voice, but I was unable to turn my head to look.

I also heard a male voice in front of me, and I was able to make out the form of a man gleaming in a light blue auric field as he stood before me. I can’t recall what he said, but when I woke from the altered state, I had the thought that I had just experienced astral projection, and that fact was confirmed through divination.

I’ve also had two recent dreams where I was attending celebratory events, a graduation party and an awards ceremony. In each dream I was with people dear to me, family and friends, and I was joined with many others in large venues, an auditorium and a hotel banquet room.

These dreams seemed representative of the victory of the Light, and they gave me hope that the ascension process is proceeding smoothly, and that we will be finished with this job, or at least this initial stage, very soon.

On Dr. Stankov’s website, there has been much talk of next week, September 16th-22nd, being the period of the first wave of cosmic ascension for the PAT and other qualifying candidates. My Higher Self agrees with this timetable as far as the energetic situation goes, although it is important to remain open-minded and flexible to avoid the possibility of disappointment.

As I’ve mentioned before, ascension is a very abstract, spontaneous process, and attempting to analyze it and manipulate it into some kind of logical equation that caters to our physical perception of reality is bound to leave room for error. It’s like trying to predict the next time you’re going to fall in love; it’s not something you try to figure out, it’s something you allow to happen naturally.

But regardless, I’m glad the PAT members are approaching the situation in the appropriate way, which is to go with the flow and dream big. Posting your fantasy ascension scenario is a great idea, as it utilizes the Science of Imagery to help energize the desired events come into fruition, just like anything else.