Is Free Energy Technology for the Masses Finally Here?

Earlier this month, HopeGirl posted an announcement on her blog fully disclosing the details of a new initiative that would allow people to build their own QEG (quantum energy generator). All they would need to do is download the QEG plans, which have been released open-source, purchase the required parts, and assemble the device themselves.

Of course, anyone who has been following the story of free energy technology knows that it’s been a long and arduous battle to release it to the public on a mass scale, but this claim appears to be legitimate, as it’s backed with extensive evidence proving its reality.

Obviously, most people do not possess the technical knowledge to build a QEG on their own, but this is a major step forward in making it possible for those who do to begin producing them on a mass scale for others to purchase.

Just like any other technology, in time the design will be improved and innovated, and soon enough—barring any government interference—each one of us will be able to purchase our own QEG online or in a store, just like any other modern appliance.

So what does this mean for the average person? It means that we will no longer have to be chained to gas and electric utility companies to power our homes. We won’t have to submit to legislators pushing Agenda 21 bills, such as the Smart Grid/Smart Meter initiative, and we’ll be able to take our power back as sovereign citizens.

This is all still in the works, and a long way off from being in every home as conveniently as a washing machine, but the potential is looming on the horizon, and that is what makes this so exciting. Even if we have to wait another five to ten years for it to happen (which is probably a realistic timeline), at least there is hope for greater progress in the future.

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