Thoughts of an Idealist

If marijuana is legalized, everyone will become distributors. Marijuana poses a significant threat because it’s so easy to grow. Anyone can grow a plant. Most families used to be self-sufficient gardeners, and even if they weren’t gardeners, they were still entrepreneurs and business owners.

Entrepreneurship is the true point of business for every man. Most people think that they grow up without any skills of their own, but that is not true. Generation Y knows better than this. We know how to access information quicker than any other generation in history. We are more connected socially, but not necessarily spiritually, due to the massive amounts of propaganda that is thrown in our faces through advertising.

The Internet provides us with the ability to be our own entrepreneurs easier than ever before, since anyone can create their own website. Technology has opened the door, but we are too distracted and subdued by our focus on material possessions and greed to make it a reality.

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